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Wallapop: the best tricks to search, buy and sell

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Wallapop: the best tricks to search, buy and sell – Wallapop guide with the best tips for looking for products, as well as buying and selling them.

Wallapop It is one of the most popular mobile applications today, since it allows thousands and thousands of users to contact directly to sell and buy their products, of all kinds and prices, quickly, easily and directly. But there are also numerous tips and tricks for optimize our transactions, either by positioning our products better to reach more potential buyers or to get the most out of the application, among many others. Therefore, do not miss the best tricks to find, buy and sell on Wallapop.

The best tricks to search, buy and sell on Wallapop

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Below we offer you a series of tricks and tips to get the most out of app de Wallapop, either to boost your sales or to have all the guarantees when buying any product, either by hand treatment or by shipping.

Wallapop offers different methods for you to find the products you are looking for, although it also offers the possibility for you to explore certain types of products. So much so, that the main screen of the search engine will show different product categories; By clicking on each of them, related products will appear. To all this we must add the category Collections, where featured products will be displayed and that their owners are urgent to sell.

A good way to promote your products is sharing your Wallapop profile through other applications or people, either by sending it through WhatsApp or copying it to the clipboard to share it on social networks like Facebook The Twitter. To do this, open the side menu and click on your profile name; once inside click on the option Copy to clipboard to send the link through the app you want.

If you are looking for very specific products with very defined characteristics, you can always configure search to find results closer to what you are looking for. Therefore, it is recommended to use the advanced search by pressing the button that appears in the upper right corner, accessing various categories such as:

  • Brand and model
  • Any price
  • Any mileage
  • Any year
  • And more

Thus, and thanks to these filters, we can find much more specialized products, such as a car of a specific make and model, at a maximum price or certain mileage, among others.

Wallapop: the best tricks to search, buy and sell

On the other hand, there are other kind of filters in advanced searches to specify the type of product you are looking for, such as specifying the price range, radius of kilometers from your location, publication time and more. When you have the filters selected, click on Apply filters.

If we live in places with little population density, our profile will reach a smaller number of potential clients. Therefore, it is recommended to configure a location close to a urban nucleus with the largest populationMaybe not too far from your real location if you want to make sales by hand and do not have to travel long distances. Follow the steps in our tutorial to change your Wallapop location.

Wallapop: the best tricks to search, buy and sell

If you sell products regularly, it is very positive for your profile to receive good grades by buyers. For this reason, beyond fulfilling what was promised and having a friendly relationship with other users, try that after completing a transaction, users rate you. It is a very useful method to differentiate good and bad Wallapop users and have more confidence in your buying and selling activities.

Competition at Wallapop is basic both to get the best prices when buying and to reach more potential customers when it comes to selling. Therefore, before putting a product on sale, consult how that same product is sold or similar both at the price and state level. So you can highlight the same product to sell it earlier, especially in cases where there are a large number of units of the same product for sale.

In this sense, it is convenient to place all possible photos and from various angles of the same product, so that the buyer can check how the product is (newer or deteriorated). On the other hand, it is convenient to write a good description of the product, with keywords to be identified and no misspellings.

It is also advisable save purchase tickets and the guarantee so that the buyer has the maximum confidence in you and in your product. And of course, don’t try to fool people, since it will give a very bad impression of your profile, with the possibility of receiving bad ratings that can discredit you as a seller in Wallapop.

When entering our profile we will see a button Become PRO, an option with which to transform our free profile into a paid one with a series of advantages such as:

  • Top positions in searches
  • Buyers will be able to save your store / profile as a favorite
  • Buyers will be able to see on your profile your phone and website
  • Description of your store or service with its location
  • Profile with custom design that will stand out more
  • Products never expire

It is a highly recommended option for stores and users who dedicate their professional activity to Wallapop, with a price of 39.99 euros per month.

As a buyer, we must follow a series of precautions so that they do not try to deceive us in the sale of any product. Thus, Be wary of bargains and great deals and carefully analyze the conversation with the buyer via Wallapop chat to detect possible scams.

Also, pay special attention to product announcements with official photos of brands that do not have real photos of the seller, as that seller may not want to put the real photos of the product for one reason or another, especially second-hand products or old. If so, feel free to ask for the photos you want to check the state of the product and even characteristic features that show that it is a real product and not an imitation.

As we say, the rating and feedback system is vital to have greater trust between buyer and seller. Therefore, before completing a purchase investigate the seller and check both the comments of other users and their ratings. If you see that it mostly has positive ratings and comments, you can trust; otherwise, avoid any deal.

Wallapop has its own payment and shipping methods, completely safe systems that protect both the seller and the buyer. For this reason, we encourage you to use these forms of payment and shipping instead of resorting to other systems outside of the platform itself, which although in some cases good results can be obtained, the own buying and selling methods will always offer more confidence and security from Wallapop.

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