Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

use your last chance for this brilliant FUT card before it’s over

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FIFA 20: usa tu última oportunidad para esta brillante carta FUT antes de que se acabe

Still looking for a strong defender for your Ultimate Team in FIFA 20? So don’t let Kevin Mbabu’s special card get out of hand. But there is only little time.

This is the card: Kevin Mbabu is a defender for VfL Wolfsburg and therefore fits best in teams that rely on Bundesliga players. During the “Summer Heat” event, Mbabu received a strong 92 card based on an old fan favorite.

Because Mbabu’s “The Road to the End Card” was incredibly popular with fans. The Summer Heat Card is the further development of this card and has great values ​​to offer.

Kevin Mbabu can be achieved by playing and it’s worth it for Bundesliga teams

Of course, Mbabu’s rhythm stands out first. It’s a 99 and it’s made up of an acceleration of 97 and a sprint speed of 99. So no matter what fast player your opponent offers: running away from Mbabu is not easy.

In addition, there are strong physical and defensive values, among other things, it also has a resistance of 99. Therefore, it lasts a long time, even if your Mbabu constantly runs down the wing. It also has four stars on the weak foot, the passing values ​​are also good. All in all, the Mbabu card is quite strong, so it should not be missed.

Solve Mbabu tasks before they expire

You have to do this: You don’t have to spend a coin for the Mbabus card or solve SBC. The fan favorite is available on weekly tasks, so you can get it by playing. You have to solve these tasks:

  • Prepare goals with defenders in 2 separate opponent games
  • Meet in 3 separate rival games with players having at least 91 steps
  • Score 10 goals in rivals with Bundesliga players
  • Score a delicacy goal with Bundesliga players in 5 separate opponent games (use R1 + circle when shooting)

You still have a lot of time: If you still want the strong defender, you should hurry up, because on Friday night the weekly tasks for Mbabu expire. Then you only have one day left.

Therefore, it is better to build a team of Bundesliga players with quick offensives to complete tasks efficiently. If you play well and are lucky, you can complete the tasks in five games.

If you’ve included Mbabu on your team, you can expect one of the best riders in Ultimate Team. If you want to further enhance your team, it may be worth solving the SBCs of strong events. Currently there are very good cards to get cheap.

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