Sat. May 30th, 2020

Top 5 Most Awesome Cinematic Game Trailers (1080p)

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Top 5 Most Awesome Cinematic Game Trailers (1080p)

Top 5 Most Awesome Cinematic Game Trailers: Star Wars, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Overwatch, Assassin’s Creed, World of Warcraft Subscribe to my friend on …

50 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Awesome Cinematic Game Trailers (1080p)

  1. The warcraft and jedi one was the best so far. You can actually see the stories with them and feel bad for them or whatever. Gets you that special feeling.
    Now that I see it I feel like they should make moives too. It probably would make huge hits.
    Star wars begins at
    Warcraft begins at

  2. The first trailer is basically the question "if you raised a Hitler, would you kill/abort it"….no matter how you raise a person, when they have absolute power they will eventually become a tyrant. Except… there will never be a female HILTER, itll be a "ma'am". ?????

  3. Hi Gamers,


    I saw this video on YouTube a year ago about a video game trailer or a commercial for something gaming related. AND I CANNOT FIND IT! :'(

    I can't remember a lot of details but I remember some.

    It had 'cel shading' type animation. It starts at night where a man is running in a field with a sword. At some point it turns to day.

    There is no dialogue in the trailer but heavy music – either rock or dubstep.

    If it rings any bells please let me know. I have been searching YouTube for days and I cannot find it!

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Beyond Good and Evil 2 would be an amazing movie, this is how Valerian SHOULD have been done. Edit, same goes for Assassins Creed, holy shit, I don't game much but fuck I've been missing out.

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