This is how you decipher the Destiny 2 challenge where streamers bite their teeth

If you want to tackle a particularly difficult task in Destiny 2’s PvE, try the Twilight Leader difficulty. DLPrivateServer presents compilations with which it is victorious.

Here it is: In Destiny 2, the toughest players have been able to try the hardest PvE challenge in the game, the main difficulty in testing, since July 21. This special version of the early morning was created especially for hardcore gamers and streamers.

We show you 3 compilations, with which you can safely go through the goat activity. And which ones are suitable for the entire season 11, no matter which of the rotating missions is pending.

This is why the activity is so difficult: With Powerlevel 1,100, leaders want to intimidate you. As a condition of participation, the entire team must have reached 1,075: regular players in season 11 only reach 1,060, the remaining 15 levels must contribute the artifact. Simply put, everyone is underrated at the top.

Destiny 2 wishes player “good luck” for leaders

Unfortunately, we almost forgot about the multitude of negative modifiers, which are metaphorical, meaning cherry in bitter ice cream. The game throws you so much meanness:

  • Resuscitation limit
  • If everyone dies at the same time, the mission must be restarted.
  • There are more champions, more enemy shields, higher resistances.
  • Locked loads
  • Each of the 6 missions also has a handful of its own modifiers that make your life even more difficult.

If you want the best loot now, you must deal with all the pesky mission champions. DLPrivateServer reveals what awaits you as a performance here:

Destiny 2 brings challenges to the best streamers – join if you’re good enough

Trial by fire for leaders in Destiny 2

So you don’t despair of the challenge, we present builds from the professional PvE Ehroar. He belongs to the most famous Destiny clan (Redeem) and has already won the world’s first raid races. Please note that most of the tactics that have been demonstrated in the game do not work on top.

First we present you 3 weapon combinations and then we proceed to the selection of mod. Then there is a recommendation for the best subclasses.

Bet on these 3 weapon combinations

Player 1 should always use this: Player 1’s role is to weaken enemies and fight champions from a safe distance, as they can disarm the team in seconds. Use for this:

  • Divinity: The Exotic offers a debuff from a distance, expands the critical hit box, and interrupts champion overload.
  • Unstoppable Handgun – One shot is enough to briefly relentless champions – Unstoppable mod works better on pistols than on boost rifles, for example
  • MG in Power Slot: How to Break Most Shields Quickly – Talk to the team about the item

No matter which mission is active, this combination must always be used by a player.

You are probably using the current super weapon incorrectly in Destiny 2

This is what the safe build option looks like: Also, you trust these weapons:

  • Eriana’s Oath: Exotic Revolver penetrates shields, breaks through champion barriers, and is used to harm detained champions – as a masterpiece, automatically reloads
  • Primary weapon with scope: pulse rifles are ideal
  • MG in the power slot – retune the item

Players 2 and 3 can use the combo. So equipped that it has an answer for every enemy, but it’s not moving through the mission in a hurry. Ideal to get acquainted with the difficulty of the leader.

destiny 2 erianaEriana’s oath even hits through shields

This is risky construction: Those who feel at home on the difficulty of favorites must use these weapons:

  • Izanagi’s Charge: The Exotic Sniper Rifle Combined With Divinity Can Do A Short Job
  • Disruptive Factor MP: If you break an enemy shield with it, the entire team deals 50% additional damage to the enemy; can be stacked with divinity
  • The Falling Guillotine – The mighty sword can quickly dismantle detained champions and bosses when used correctly

If you coordinate well with your team, enemies can be eliminated very quickly. Please note that at least 2 players must hold onto a champion at the same time as the polished izanagi.

Bet on these modifications: To pass the litmus test safely, you must rely on a mix of Season 11 artifact mods and the “Light Charged” mechanism:

  • Charge Absorption (costs 3 energy)
  • Protective light (costs 2 empty containers)
  • Reactive pulse (costs 3 arc energy)
  • Special Finisher (costs 2 energy)
  • Oppressive Darkness (costs 6 energy)

Therefore, it is quickly charged with light and, in an emergency, it has a safety net that protects it from cleaning. Plus, you get bonus damage and a steady stream of ammunition.

Depending on the weapon and class, you can add sword or breaker mods, for example. Alternately, there are also spirit of war cells if you play with the Ikelos SMG in a secure build, for example.

See what the expert says

The best subclasses for the toughest challenge in Destiny 2

Sor you play hunter: Choose the night stalker with the trapper’s path. Your job is to revitalize the team in an emergency and ensure rapid withdrawal or safe progress with invisibility.

  • As an exotic, Graviton’s penance lends itself to staying inseparable longer.

How to play Titan: You have the best chance with Sentinel and the protector code. With your bubble and swords, even bosses can be placed safely quickly.

  • The exotic helmet of the 14th saint gives you even more protection and blinds enemies in your bubble.

How to play witcher: Aggressive players rely on the empty corridor and the chaos mood. If you decide on the safe variant, the twilight sword is offered with the tune of grace.

  • Empty Runners Wear Exotic Controversal Hold Gloves And Fully Trust Their Upgraded Grenades
  • Twilight Blades uses the exotic Panzer Phönix protocol to heal the team more often

What do you think of the advice and constructions of the professional? Have you tried the leader difficulty? What constructions did you make or what advice can you give to other guardians to face the challenge?

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