Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

That’s what Niantic says

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Nueva actualización en Pokémon GO podría traer una importante característica de incursión

The next great feature in Pokémon GO should be raid invitations. Now Niantic surprisingly postpones this adjustment.

This feature is about: Niantic announced the raid invitations a few weeks ago. This is to invite friends on forays that are not close. These can participate through a remote band pass.

But then nothing more happened than the announcement. The feature was silent. Now Niantic announces and announces that raid invitations will not appear at this time.

No invitations to raids this month

Niantic dice: Niantic speaks on Twitter and writes that we will not receive raid invitations at this time.

Coaches, due to technical issues, unfortunately will not be able to launch the ability to invite friends to raids this month. We will continue working towards a future release date. Stay tuned to our official channels for more updates.

– Soporte de Niantic (@NianticHelp) 29 de junio de 2020

The reason for this is the technical difficulties that do not allow the launch in June.

It also says they are working on a later release date and will soon share that date on their channels.

What does that mean? In our interview with Niantic, the developers said that remote forays for GO Fest will play an important role. Invitations to such raids would have been a good option there. It is now questionable whether these invitations will be up for grabs in late July; after all, the GO Fest will begin.

It should also upset many coaches. Especially during the Corona period, many players around the world still want the opportunity to participate in raids with their friends. There is a possibility with remote raids, but only if you can see the sand in the area. For many coaches, this innovation did not help much. Invitations to raids would have been much improved there.

What happens now? For now, we have to deal with the invitations. The program for the next few weeks also offers a lot to do.

A three week marathon awaits us before GO Fest. There is a new special investigation to solve and more Shinys come into play. Therefore, we can solve many tasks without invitations to raids in the coming weeks.

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