Mon. Jul 13th, 2020


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9 thoughts on “TEMTEM EARLY ACCESS PRICE & THOUGHTS – A Pokemon clone?

  1. Temtem looks pretty nice so far. But i am surprised i don't see any Kindred Fates related videos. Will you do a video about Kindred Fates?
    It looks to be even more promising than Temtem and sadly doesn't get the representation it deserves.

  2. TemTem certainly looks good – even at its current state. It brings many things to the table that I was wishing for years in Pokemon!
    Totally supporting it!
    By the way – How did that Mental Starter Tem feel? Glass cannon?

  3. This looks like a fun game. I never played PokΓ©mon but this has peaked my interest. I've missed your streams recently because of work/course, so thanks muchly for this and I'll catch you soon.

  4. Btw the stress test footage sadly recorded in 720p (same as my stream settings) because i was also streaming at the same time!
    So it's not as crisp as it should be, the game looks amazing.

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