Stunt drivers activate the activity in 8 minutes lasting 1 hour

Destiny 2 has set a new world speed record that looks more like Mario Kart than a first-person shooter game. The highlight is a bold jump with the Sparrow, which we all wanted to do.

What is that record? We like to spend countless hours in video games and sometimes play the same activities hundreds of times. Speedrunners take this to the extreme: not only do they want to create a mission, but they also want to be as fast as possible.

The three guardians AceyBaby, Granger, and BjarturFO have taken on the new Season 11 Prophecy Dungeon. It’s a kind of mini raid, including two boss fights, gravity puzzles, and a great jump passage.

The final boss lies in just 8:04 minutes. For most players, this is a task that can take an hour. The viewer is dizzy because the dungeon looks like a drug trip and because the highlight is a jump that no one believed possible.

Watch the entire race here

This impossible leap is the highlight: In the middle of the dungeon, a huge chasm opens for players to overcome. Generally, jumping through platforms and floating pyramids should be accomplished in the distance.

Probably each player thought upon entering this area: “Should I board there with the Sparrow? Dare to jump just to see how far you can go! Speedrunners prove you can jump to the end!

However, simply working at full speed and the eyes does not work. Adrenaline junkies descend in flight, call for a new vehicle, and leap over the abyss.

These Destiny 2 players have the game’s prophecy dungeon down to a science

– Kotaku (@Kotaku) July 13, 2020 Excerpt from the Speedrun

If you want to learn more about speed racing in Destiny or in the world of hardcore gamers, you will find what you are looking for in our interview with the “Redeem” clan:

We talk to someone who is playing Destiny 2 on the edge

Don’t blink or you’ll miss something

How did it go so fast? Getting bosses to settle in Destiny in seconds is almost part of everyday life. But how do the three guardians get through the dungeon and its mechanics?

Here are his tricks:

  • Sprinters start with 3 Solar Warlocks. Due to the Ikarus hook and improved hover, they sometimes exceed the incredible height differences.
  • Already in the warm-up phase, they collect the particles they need in the first boss fight.
  • The boss lies in 10 seconds: this is possible thanks to the oppressive darkness, a Nova bomb and swirling swords: the fireworks are accompanied by the phrase “Goodbye frame rate”
  • In general, players almost only use swords: depending on the match, they used the falling guillotine or the black claw
  • Exotic movements are used to increase your speed.
  • In the last boss, a player changes the hunter to press arrows
  • Guardians only carry the equipment they need in inventory and change exactly as the next location is prepared.

“Normal” guards in the dungeon jump laboriously from platform to platform

It is interesting that there is still room up. During their career, the 3 sprinters discuss what could be improved or what tactics they want to try in the future. Your goal is to break the dungeon in less than 8 minutes.

Ironically, the Speedrunners don’t have that much time anymore, because the new dungeon will soon be out of the game: Destiny 2 will lose the new dungeon at the end of season 11, but not forever.

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