Sat. May 30th, 2020

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Gameplay Demo (Extended Cut)

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Gameplay Demo (Extended Cut)

Order 66 has been executed. Once, staying alive meant hiding your abilities. Now, you must embrace them. Use the Force to manipulate your environment, …

50 thoughts on “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — Official Gameplay Demo (Extended Cut)

  1. English/Inglés:
    We want more dismemberment, and an improvement to the appearance of the lightsaber (and if possible a more stealthy combat system if you want it, or scandalous if you wish).
    Take the time it takes for upgrade the combat to be a jewel, and not something very repetitive and slow,
    I want the protagonist feels very powerful in low difficulties, only en low difficulties.

    Queremos más desmembramientos, y una mejora a la apariencia del sable de luz (Y si es posible un sistema de combate más sigiloso, o vistoso si así se lo desea).
    Tómense el tiempo que se necesite para que el combate sea una joya y no algo muy repetitivo y lento, también quiero que el protagonista se sienta muy poderoso en dificultades bajas, solo en dificultades bajas.

  2. Congratulations on turning the lightsaber into a glowing club. It's supposed to cut, not impact. Disney are still living in a world where games are only for children. I'm a massive SW fan but I have no desire to play this now.

  3. Thoughts;

    Graphics are impeccable, nothing wrong there.

    Make it an open world roleplay, like KOTOR or SWTOR.

    Make the fights a bit harder and refine them. The first fight in the trailer instantly looked boring to me. Those three troopers were killed in SECONDS. They should not have died so quickly.

    Then no micro transactions and you have an awesome game.

  4. More star wars garbage. Unbelievable it's a franchise that still has any credibility these days. This game looks like linear shit using a few gimmicks from other commercially successful games, knowing EA they will be poorly executed. Even this gameplay demo looks like a chore with no redeemable concepts except the lightsabre.

    Fucking corny star wars shit for nerds.

  5. the gameplay of this game looks worse than the gameplay of canceled StarWars1313 (announced in 2012!) … it's just disgusting in 2019.

  6. Only a few years after the end of the clone wars and the empire has already done away with clones and moved onto Stormtrooper armor? No evolutionary development process in between Phase II armor and Stormtrooper armor over the 20 year gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope? In this period of time, I would expect to see everything look more like Revenge of the sith and less like Rogue One/A New Hope.

  7. The lasers are so slow in this game I think even that alone is enough for someone to shrug this game off, despite the fact it's one of those games that seems to "play itself".

  8. I dont know but i think they should create a battlefield type of game for star wars that can either be during the clone wars as a clone trooper or a rebel commando during the galactic civil war

  9. Wow aside from graphics this looks to be a worse version of: Jedi outcast, Jedi academy, Force Unleashed 1 and 2, and basically any star wars lightsaber combat game that let you have freedom on HOW you would take enemies out.

  10. this game looks outdated, graphics look decent but way behind for 2019, the game seems like it’s paced super slow, can’t dismember enemy’s, much wrong with this game but ill still have to wait for reviews

  11. I'll never buy this game in protest to what EA and Disney have done to Star Wars 1313. Yea, remember that game, what potential it can bring to the Star Wars series?

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