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Square Enix confirms that Bravely Default II for Switch is in the final stage of development

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Square Enix confirms that Bravely Default II for Switch is in the final stage of development

At the moment we have not obtained an official release date for Bravely Default II  for Nintendo Switch, the long-awaited classic turn-based JRPG that Square Enix prepares for the hybrid machine and that will be the third episode of the saga after two appearances on Nintendo 3DS (the first episode being the best rated of them all).

But although there is no official release date, all users expected this release for this summer or early fall. Recently the official Bravely Default Twitter account has shared information about the development of the project. Its managers assure that Bravely Default II is in the ” final stage” of its development . “The development of Bravely Default 2 is finally in its final stage. We’re moving forward!” Comments the tweet.ブレイブリーデフォルトII公式@BDFF_OFFICIAL




(ちなみに今日は10時間MTGでした ^^;) https://twitter.com/BDFE_OFFICIAL/status/1276422463128141824 …フェアリーズエフェクト公式@BDFE_OFFICIAL【サービス終了のお知らせ】
この度『BRAVELY DEFAULT FAIRY’S EFFECT』は2020年8月31日(月)15:00をもってサービスを終了させていただくことになりました。お客様には厚く御礼申し上げますとともに、この度のご案内となりましたことを心よりお詫び申し上げます。http://www.bravely-bdfe.jp/info.html #BDFE
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In search of the original essence of Bravely Default

After Bravely Default and Bravely Second: End Layer, developed by Silicon Studio , its creators want to once again capture the attention of the players who marveled at the first title in the series. Re-search for that essence that conquered many Nintendo 3DS buyers. 

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We must remember that even the producers themselves were not satisfied with the work done in Bravely Second. Tomoya Asano and Masashi Takahashi (both also producers of Octopath Traveler) assured in an interview with Famitsu a few months ago, that they were aware of the errors of the second episode and were not willing to repeat them. ” There were parts of that game that did not meet the expectations of the fans, ” they went on to say, “The development team reflected deeply on the problems of Bravely Second and will demonstrate this in all our subsequent projects.”

In order to meet expectations in the first episode of the saga for the Nintendo Switch, they have surrounded themselves with trusted artists, such as the character designer Naoki Ikushima ( Octopath Traveler ) or the composition of the soundtrack by Revo (composer of the first Bravely Default).

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