Sat. May 30th, 2020

Salvatore Esposito, Gomorrah’ Genny Savastano, deploys his FIFA 19 Squad Battle

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Salvatore Esposito, Gomorrah's Genny Savastano, deploys his FIFA 19 Squad Battle •

In his formation there are also the champions of Napoli today and yesterday.

Salvatore Esposito, the actor who plays Gennaro “Genny” Savastano in the TV series Gomorra, has unveiled his Squad Battle of FIFA 19 Ultimate Team.

As a big fan of FIFA and Napoli obviously great champions could not be missing, from Maradona to Cannavaro, from Ronaldo to Ibrahimovic.

Here is the official press release:

Salvatore Esposito chooses his best men for FIFA 19 and unveils his Squad Battle, the special selection of players that gamers can challenge online for a limited period.

In his formation some of the most talented footballers of yesterday and today. As a great fan of Napoli, the champions who made the history of Neapolitan football could not be missing.

At this link the video in which he talks about his Squad Battle.

In Squad Battles mode of FUT 19 you can challenge teams created by the FUT community and, every week, face the special squad created by a celebrity.
Available from Monday to Sunday evening of each week, Squad Battles mode allows you to climb a weekly leaderboard and get prizes in the game.

All the info on Squad Battles mode are available at this link.

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