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Resident Evil 3 – Guide to objects recoverable from the Nemesis

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Resident Evil 3 - Guide to objects recoverable from the Nemesis

As in the original RE3, also in Resident Evil 3 Remake you can defeat the Nemesis and recover some broken containing items and power-ups. So here is one guide to objects recoverable from Nemesis; we wish you a good read.

During the adventure with Jill you will face several times the Nemesis. If at first glance you may be willing to escape, we advise you to try to face it, so as to obtain objects that will facilitate your life in the continuation of the story. In fact, a few grenades or a grenade launcher will do, even if you have to pay close attention to the speed and aggressiveness of the Tyrant (here the guide). Once on his knees the Nemesis will remain still for a few moments, dropping some special boxes. But what is inside them?

  1. During the first fight you will be able to get the Extended charger for the gun. The best time to face it is after turning the power back on as you move through the alleys of Raccoon City. By the way, in the first few moments, if you have well explored, you will have already managed to collect fragmentation grenades;
  2. The second object you will find is the Thin barrel, another gun upgrade. Again, the advice is to bring down Nemesisi in the outer area of ​​Raccoon City. The Tyrant will appear in the square immediately after the Donut shop. Here you can use a grenade or, alternatively, the explosive barrels that you will encounter around the map;
  3. When you return to the train, the third fight with Nemesis will begin. This will be the best opportunity to collect some cartridges for your Shotgun. The advice is to use an explosive barrel that you will encounter during your escape;
  4. The last item you will get is the Flame Rounds. You will only be able to pick up the item from the Nemesis after Toy Uncle’s head has fallen into the center of Raccoon City.

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So this is the guide to collectible items on Resident Evil 3 Remake. We remind you that on you will find the complete guide to the Capcom title.

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