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Razer Kraken Pro Neon – review

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Razer Kraken Pro Neon - review •

The quality and reliability of Razer-branded peripherals have become, for some time now, very popular among video game enthusiasts: the American company’s catalog offers interesting solutions for gaming that are able to satisfy increasingly demanding requests in made of pointing, control and audio, with products such as Naga, Tartarus or Chimaera which are rightly considered its spearheads.

Today’s review sees headphones as flashy protagonists Kraken Pro Neon. It is a product that starts from a more than tested base: the technical characteristics, in fact, are the same in all respects as the brand’s best-selling gaming headset, the Kraken Pro, but have a much wider color range than the simple “green – black – white” triad, which winks at the female audience and lovers of originality.

This is an absolute novelty for the American manufacturer as the co-founder, CEO and creative director Min-Liang Tan, has announced that the restyling of their most famous headphones derives from the requests of customers to have a greater choice regarding coloring and personalization of Razer products. The six new and fluorescent colors made available and listed on the official website are blue, green, yellow, orange, red and purple.

The full range of colors for the Razer Kraken Pro Neon headphones.

The design and shape, on the contrary, remain unchanged: considered by Razer as the most comfortable headphones ever produced, they actually remain in position on the ears and on the head without weighing, even after several hours of play. This is made possible by the quality of the materials of which the pavilions are made, a very soft imitation leather that completely covers and surrounds the ear, making the headphones comfortable and not at all annoying or painful even for those who wear glasses.

Associated with a padding made of shape memory foam, the plastics return an excellent feeling and the overall weight of the product of about 293 grams is sufficient to give a good feeling of solidity without being tiring to wear even during long test sessions to which we subjected it.

As with most modern gaming headsets, headphones too Kraken Pro Neon they provide the possibility of modifying the length of the arch as desired, also covered with the same shape memory foam and imitation leather as the pavilions; although it is rather comfortable and soft, perhaps a thicker padding layer would have been better.

A detail of the packaging.

The cable is 1.3 meters long and ends with the classic 3.5mm analog jack connector, which can be further extended and separated with an additional two meter long cable, which also features the 3.5mm jack connector for the microphone. This translates into an extreme ease of connection and use even with tablets and smartphones although, given the nature of the material that covers the two cables, the latter lend themselves to unpleasant kinks: we would have preferred a woven fabric covering, an increasingly used and appreciated.

As regards the technical and sound aspect, as already mentioned, the Neon headphones take up the entire system of the previous Kraken Pro, which unfortunately, even in this edition, does not include the possibility of controlling the volume remotely or activating / deactivating the microphone: notice the lack of this feature, now present in almost all gaming headsets on the market, greatly penalizes the product.

The 40mm neodymium magnets in the pavilions offer excellent power at low frequencies, especially emphasizing the crackle of automatic weapons and explosions in the most excited moments of Battlefield 4, making the Kraken Pro Neon a great choice for all action games full of powerful sounds; however, they cannot be considered as headphones with great flexibility nor completeness of use.

The microphone is almost completely retractable in the left pavilion.

We wanted to test them by listening to entire albums of artists and musical genres completely different from each other, represented by Slipknot, Damien Rice, Pendulum and Beethoven’s “Pastorale”, without modifying the basic equalization in any way, thus seeking a sound least processed as possible to better identify the product’s lights and shadows and have a common starting point.

Without the obvious and due gender distinctions, the most evident weakness was found above all at the medium frequencies, which are decidedly muted, with the risk of disappearing and being “absorbed” by the bass strokes: the sensation is that of a listening environment folded in on itself itself, while the highs were found to be sufficiently defined but nothing more. In fact, we are talking about headphones made to emphasize the sound frequencies typical of video games, but we would not have disdained more attention towards a more complete and balanced use.

The reason for our interest is to be found in the fact that Razer, in the press release announcing the release of its new headphones, wanted to emphasize the possibility of using them daily and of always carrying them. The two pavilions are in fact foldable inwards, albeit not completely, making them less bulky and more easily transportable in a sufficiently large backpack or bag. The microphone is also retractable and disappears almost entirely in the left pavilion; finally, the idea of ​​proposing bright colors offers the possibility of combining them with one’s favorite clothing, shoes or other accessories.

Do you like purple headphones?

Ultimately, the headphones Kraken Pro Neon they are a good product for those looking for simplicity, strength and comfort: the quality of the materials is excellent, in full Razer style, and allows its product to perform all the functions for which it was designed. The acoustic insulation provided by the pavilions is good even in the presence of particularly invasive external noises, making us always remain attentive and focused on the game action.

If you are passionate about particularly colorful or flashy peripherals and accessories and maybe you already have an alternative solution for music and movies, with € 90 (10 more than the Kraken Pro version) you will make yours an overall good Razer product. If, on the other hand, you want to have a pair of versatile headphones without sacrificing quality, the Kraken Pro Neon they are not exactly the best choice, even considering the many alternatives on the market at slightly more competitive prices.

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