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RaceRoom – Team tournament among universities in Moscow

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February 22 at the Palace of Culture MSTU. N.E. Bauman held a team race at RaceRoom car simulators among student teams at Moscow universities. Pilots competed in TCR-class cars on the Moscow Raceway, which is quite difficult for a beginner and requires maximum concentration from the pilot.

Participating Teams:

  • Bauman esports
  • Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN)
  • Polytech: ONE (Polytech: Van)
  • Moscow Automobile and Road State Technical University (MADI)
  • Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI)
  • Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
  • “Senator” RANEPA
  • LADA Sport Rosneft eRacing Team is a special guest of the competition, a young team represented by Kirill Antonov and Yegor Ogorodnikov, who last December, as the winners of the Russian selection, worthily represented Russia in the 13th strongest Esports WTCR OSCARO 2019 World Championship in Malaysia simracers.

At a special draw, fireballs were identified which were occupied by the pilots of the teams during the main race.

  • Bauman Esports – CUPRA TCR
  • Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) – VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI TCR
  • Polytech: ONE (Polytech: Van) – AUDI RS 3 LMS
  • Moscow State Automobile and Road Engineering University (MADI) – HYUNDAI I30 N TCR
  • Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) – LYNK & CO 03 TCR
  • Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation – ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA TCR
  • LADA Sport Rosneft eRacing Team – LADA VESTA

Before the race qualification was held, where the teams determined their positions on the starting grid for the best time of one of the pilots in their composition. The main race lasted 40 minutes with a mandatory pit stop to change pilots. The teams needed to carefully think over the strategy before the race: it was necessary to predict the correct pit stop time, determine which team members will go to the first and second shifts, since each pilot has his own lap speed, and this directly affects the final result and the strategy of the race as a whole, taking into account fuel and tire consumption, which also affects the speed of the lap and much more.

Team competitions are interesting because they bring strategic elements to the race. Yes, in sprint races there are also certain strategies that pilots and their mechanics adhere to, but here all tactics rest on one pilot. In team competitions, team strategists must compare many factors, because, as a rule, in a team of 2 to 3 pilots with different levels of aerobatics, each of them runs a circle in different ways, each with its own percentage of tire wear and fuel consumption. This is an additional “headache” for strategists, but this is what makes team races even more interesting, although it is difficult to notice such things from the audience’s place if you have not previously been fond of motorsport.

Not a single eSports event takes place without professional commentators. The entire event and the race of the student teams of Moscow universities was commented on by professional motor sports commentator and journalist Sergey Bednaruk. You could hear him commenting on the broadcasts of the DTM, WTCC, WorldSBK and many others. Recently, Sergey has also commented on e-sports events, becoming the voice of virtual motorsport.

The race of the teams of Moscow universities was very interesting – battles in every turn, accidents and unexpected overtaking. Racing cars in their characteristics were almost equal, so everything depended on the skill of the pilots. The favorite of the race was the LADA Sport Rosneft eRacing Team led by Yegor Ogorodnikov and Kirill Antonov, however, the MAI team (Denis Grabovsky and Alexander Galakhov) were able to provide them with the full-time fight. Throughout the distance, the teams fought side by side, which led to a fairly acute contact fight. At the last corner of the race, Alexander Galakhov managed to take a risky maneuver, competently fit into the trajectory on worn tires and overtake Kirill Antonov, bringing the MAI team victory in the team race. You can find the recording of the race with comments by Sergey Bednaruk here.

The winners of the race got the opportunity to take an internship in the LADA Sport Rosneft eRacing Team eSports team and will go as special guests to the stage of the Russian Series of Ring Races in the paddock zone of the LADA Sport Rosneft team, which will be held in August 2020 on the Moscow Raceway.

During the training races of the teams there was a Public Talk session with special guests of the event:

  • Leading Russian expert in the field of computer sports, President of the Regional public organization “Computer Sports Federation of the city of Moscow” Alexander Fedorovich Gorbachenko
  • Rev. Kurtanidze, chief editor of eSports Match TV
  • CEO ONBOARD | ESPORTS Denis Digilevich
  • The pilot of the PRT Pure Racing Team, the champion of Moscow 2019 in the discipline “technical simulator” is a view of the RaceRoom program Denis Grabovsky.

The guests talked about the popularity of virtual motorsport in Russia, about the advantage of simulators, the physical training of pilots, spoke about the relationship between real and virtual motorsport, about tournaments in Russia and in the world, and why virtual motorsport has remained on the sidelines for a long time amid the global growth in e-sports. For spectators of the race there was also a small exposition of racing equipment, where cars were presented for various motorsport competitions, including Formula Student. In addition, the LADA Sport Rosneft team introduced the LADA Vesta Sport TCR.

One of the most important events of the event was the announcement of a new direction in computer sports for the entire Moscow student community – the student league in virtual motorsport under the patronage of the Moscow Computer Sports Federation and the Moscow Student e-Sports League. Thanks to such a league, we will be able to see new motorsport stars, because talented virtual pilots have the opportunity to get into real motorsport – they will be able to notice not only the leadership of universities, but also interested manufacturers of racing cars. In addition, university teams will be able to exchange experiences, improve their level, as well as maintain friendly relations and healthy sports rivalry.

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