Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

Pokémon GO, the Zirpurze attention hour starts tonight on June 30

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Pokémon GO: la hora de atención de hoy con un bono púrpura y emocionante

Today’s attention hour with a purple and exciting bonus – In Pokémon GO, the Zirpurze attention hour starts tonight on June 30. There is also a significant candy bonus.

What is a featured lesson? This series of events takes place every Tuesday in Pokémon GO. For exactly an hour, a Pokémon is placed in the center and appears everywhere. A proper bonus rounds everything out.

Today is about Zirpurze. The monster appears to coincide with the beetle event that is currently taking place.

Featured lesson in June with Zirpurze

When does the event start? It starts today at 6:00 pm local time. The event lasts until 7pm. After that, the spawns return to normal.

What are the bonuses? The biggest advantage is that purple will appear everywhere. The spawns are massively increasing.

There are also double candies when catching Pokémon. You can collect at least 6 candies per Pokémon.

Is there shiny Zirpurze? No, the Pokémon cannot be found as shiny. Some coaches still expected him to be featured as brilliant during the event, but that is not the case.

Therefore, hunting for the Pokemon really isn’t worth it. It is useless in combat and without a shiny form it should not be interesting to many trainers.

This is what the coaches report: The event has already started in New Zealand. There are numerous players on reddit who do not receive double candies.

So there seems to be an error here. It remains to be seen if Niantic fixed this bug before 6:00 pm German time tonight.

Whats Next? This is currently the last known hour of care. Such events for July have yet to be released.

However, a marathon of events awaits us in July. At GO Fest 2020 we have to solve numerous tasks and do special research so that we can catch strong Pokémon at GO Fest.

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