Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

Nick Pope – a new special card is available

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FIFA 20: logros de Nick Pope Summer Heat: una nueva carta especial está disponible

Electronic Arts has announced that the card is now available Summer heat of Nick Pope that can be redeemed by completing specific objectives.

The card in question was released on the occasion of the unprecedented event. Summer heat of the way FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

Below is a complete list of the card’s official goals and statistics.

X-ray view

Provides assistance in a filter pass across 2 different Squad Battles matches at Expert level or higher (or Rivals).

Ready to fight

Score in 3 different Squad Battles matches at Expert level or higher (or Rivals) using players with skill moves of a minimum of 5 stars.

Premier League Expert

Score 15 goals in Squad Battles in Expert or higher (or rivals) with Premier League players.

Expert precision

Achieve 6 Squad Battles in Expert or Higher (or Rivals) with English Players.

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