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Mark Markkula, Apple’ first investor, sells his fairytale ranch

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Mark Markkula, il primo investitore a credere in Apple, vende il suo Ranch

If you have a lot of millions of euros aside, you can use it to buy Rana Creek Ranch, the Californian ranch of Mark Markkula, Apple's first investor and first president of the new company created in April 1977, thanks to his investment of only $ 250,000 (money that he had resigned from Intel in 1970, at only 28 years of age), fundamental for launching Apple, obtaining in I change a third of the company's shares.

For the Californian ranch, 37.5 million euros must be paid out: much but not much compared to the almost 60 million euros previously requested. For the amount in question, you can get a beautiful 650 square meter hut with an area of ​​5,600 hectares, complete with rivers, two barns, 80 km of internal roads, a landing strip and animals that live inside: in addition to the frogs, horses, quail, deer, wild boar and even cougars, the cougars known as “mountain lions”.

The real estate agent reports that the price reduction was made due to difficulties in evaluating the property, but that the cost is in line with similar-sized ranches in other U.S. states. The climate in the Carmel Valley, just over an hour's drive from Cupertino, is good all year round, and from the hills you can see Monterey Bay, Pebble Beach, and the city of Carmel-by-the-Sea (located just 20 km away).

More details on the Hall and Hall website: the announcement is for a fee and the real estate company commissioned by Markkula has included 120 photos. In the image that we report in this article, it is possible to observe the immense extension of the Markkula ranch (highlighted in red) on the geographical map.

Markkula brought the first CEO, Michael Scott, to Apple and replaced him in 1981, becoming the second CEO. According to Steve Wozniak, Markkula was one of the main proponents of Apple's success. Markkula was later replaced by John Sculley in 1983. After leaving the Cupertino multinational, the businessman founded Echelon Corporation in 1988, a San Jose-based industry that designs electronic devices for detection, monitoring and control.

On the birth of Apple, including stories and curiosities of the protagonists of the transformation from a small company into a garange to one of the largest and richest multinationals in the world, Playerzdominiance has dedicated numerous articles that you can find starting from here.

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