Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Jessica Chastain and Colin Farrell go head to head in the blood-soaked Ava trailer

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Jessica Chastain and Colin Farrell go head to head in the blood-soaked Ava trailer

Ava is here to kick everyone’s butt. Jessica Chastain plays the namesake killer in the upcoming action movie, and the trailer, which you can see above, has some serious John Wick vibes about it.

The story follows Ava de Chastain, an assassin who seems to enjoy her work too much. After breaking protocol, the leader of a grim Colin Farrell company sends his mercenaries to stop Ava. Backed by her mentor (played by John Malkovich), Ava fights and ends up going toe-to-toe with Farrell’s character. The result is a bloodbath, as one might expect from a movie about murderous killers on the run.

And if that sounds familiar, that’s because the plot apparently borrows heavily from the John Wick franchise. The third movie saw Keanu Reeve’s retired assassin running away from all the other assassins who worked after the company he worked for once attacked him….

Ava’s official synopsis says: “Ava (Chastain) is a deadly assassin who works for a black operations organization and travels the world specializing in high-profile successes. When a job goes dangerously wrong, she is forced to fight for her own survival.

Starring alongside Chastain, Farrell, and Malkovich are Geena Davis (who was last seen on-screen on Netflix’s GLOW), Common, and Space Force actress Diana Silvers.

However, Ava is slated to hit theaters on September 25, 2020, as with all release dates right now, that could change at any time. Here’s all the up-to-date information we have on movie release dates this summer and beyond.

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