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How to schedule posts on Instagram

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Learn to program Instagram stories with the Apphi application

The instagram stories they are intended to be shared at the same time of production, without the option to program them in advance, at least natively; Fortunately, there are other third-party options, among which the application stands out Appha, an app for iOS and Android that allows us schedule Instagram posts in complete safety and comfort. Therefore, below we offer you a guide to learn to schedule posts on Instagram.

How to schedule posts on Instagram

The first step to be able schedule posts on Instagram is to download the official app of Apphi, a third-party app specially designed for this function, from its official page at Google Play The iTunes, free on both sites. Once inside the app we must click on Login with Instagram, by entering our Instagram access data. We can also register and login with an Apphi account, but we must also enter our Instagram data.

Of course, to be able to log in first we must momentarily disable Instagram two-step verification if we have said security option activated; if so, head to Instagram app security and disable it. When you are logged into Apphi, you can reactivate two-step verification from Instagram.

Already within the Apphi application we must go to the main button Programming, located at the bottom of the screen; Now a window will open with all the publishing options available, including:

  • Gallery (to publish your photos)
  • History
  • Videos (IGTV)
  • Massive programming
  • Search and republish

We will opt for the simplest, which is through Gallery, in order to publish one of our photos; so if we click on Gallery We will access the folder of all our mobile photos and we can now choose one or more photos to publish. The editing options are the same for Instagram, so the interface will be totally familiar to you. When you have your photo ready click on the button Following, located in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to schedule posts on Instagram

Now we can apply a filter to the image, again, in a very similar way to Instagram; if we click on the pencil icon From the bottom of the screen we can add texts and stickers. When you have finished click on Following, again, top right of the screen.

How to schedule posts on Instagram

We will arrive at a page where we can add even more things to the photo, such as a caption or tag people, places or products, in addition to the possibility of configuring a comment to be published first and automatically in case we want to add hashtags in it. When you finish, click on save, up to the right.

How to schedule posts on Instagram

The last step will be to add the date and time of automatic publication of your content for Instagram. The system itself will give us the option to enter day and time manually, although it will also recommend the best dates and times to schedule our publication; we can even program a post deletion date and time. When you have finished click on Done, again located in the upper right corner. So you can schedule Instagram posts in a comfortable and simple way.

How to schedule posts on Instagram

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