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How to protect and lock your iOS and Android smartphone

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The best tips to block and protect your mobile against strangers

Our iOS or Android mobile It is a personal device, in most cases, full of sensitive information, from access to emails or private messages to bank accounts and much more. For this reason, it is essential to protect our smartphone against strangers who can get hold of our personal data and to know what options we have for blocking and native protection of our mobile, which may be different depending on the operating system and the manufacturer. Then, the best tips to protect and lock your iOS and Android mobile.

How to lock your iOS and Android mobile

There are several methods to block our mobile terminal natively, from the most classic with password or PIN even the most modern ones like fingerprint reader or the facial recognition, among others. Choose your preferred security system according to the type of mobile you have.


This is the most basic and perhaps the least practical locking method. And it is that from the beginning of the internet there are many websites that work with Username and password, the latter, as a combination of number and letters of variable length that only we should know to protect our privacy. In Android it is one of the first options next to the PIN code; In this sense, if you choose the password, we recommend a alphanumeric combination that you can remember well but that don’t be obvious. Of course, it is the slowest personal access method, since you will have to write enough digits every time you want to access your terminal.

Pin code

It is the most widespread security method and the one that most people use to unlock their mobile; so much so, that through 4 numbers we can quickly access our terminal, pressing the correct combination on the keyboard and OK. Let’s not forget that it is possible to get up to 10,000 unique combinations of PIN codes, so security is total. Of course, again, we do not recommend using a basic combination, evident or based on some personal data, such as 1234 o la date of our birthday, among others, since it could facilitate access to the mobile to outsiders.

How to protect and lock your iOS and Android smartphone


The unlock pattern is one of the most popular methods on Android, a security measure exclusive to that operating system that allows us to draw a geometric shape through a multi-point grid. Thus, we can unlock our terminal through the figure that we draw and that only we will know through grids from 4 points to a maximum of 9.

How to protect and lock your iOS and Android smartphone

According to the manufacturers, it is a very safe method that allows more than 1,600 combinations in 4-point patterns and more than 140,000 combinations in 9-point patterns. Of course, it presents a small security setback through the trace that we can leave on the screen at a certain time with the pattern drawing itself, depending on the screen and the dirt it may contain.

Fingerprint reader

For a few years and thanks to technological advances in the mobile phone industry, new security systems have been added that take advantage of new forms of unlocking the terminal, such as the fingerprint reader. And it is one of the fastest and most comfortable ways to unlock our iOS or Android mobile through a fingerprint reader that is usually located or In the back The integrated into the screen itself.

How to protect and lock your iOS and Android smartphone

Of course, the system can present the odd setback at the security level because the protection is not completely infallible and can eventually produce some reading error, leaving our terminal within the reach of anyone, due to the (little) probability that two users coincide in some aspect of their fingerprints and the system will consider it good.

Facial recognition

It is one of the latest advances in security and unlocking of smartphones; and is that the facial recognition uses a complex image detection algorithm that is capable of recognize our face to unlock our mobile. Of course, as with the previous method, it is not a one hundred percent efficient system and can lead to certain errors. And is that with a high resolution photograph of the face The owner of a mobile phone protected by facial recognition could even unlock the terminal.

How to protect and lock your iOS and Android smartphone

This system, in its most advanced versions, also has iris reader, sensors that are capable of recognizing our eyes to unlock the mobile without further complementary actions. In both cases they are very reliable and comfortable systems but they do not reach the security of a simple 4-digit PIN.

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