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How to make a Skype call

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Tutorial to make group calls and video calls via Skype – Skype it is one of the most popular applications to make video calls between people through the internet; and it is that beyond apps and programs like WhatsApp, Messenger, FaceTime, Hangouts and others, Skype It has become one of the most requested tools and that most users use for their video calls.

Therefore, and thanks to our complete tutorial, you will discover all the secrets of video calls and group video chat with the instant messaging app of Microsoft. Let’s see how to make a Skype call, either between two users or in a group with several people, only with voice or also with video.

How to make a Skype call

Skype It is along with other apps like WhatsApp, Hangouts The Messenger, one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world and that year after year receives news and updates to stay up to date with the latest news in online communication. Fully available free both in PC like in iOS and Android devices, allows us to communicate with family, friends and coworkers through our personal profile with text messages, voice calls and video calls, whether it is only between two people or more through the group video calls. Here we explain all the secrets about how to use and make a call of any kind through Skype for PC and mobile.

Steps to make a Skype call

The first step is to have Skype installed on your device, be it PC, Mac, iOS and Android phones and tablets or consoles, among others.

Through the following link you will discover all the secrets for download and install Skype on your favorite device. After downloading the Skype application, follow these steps to start making calls and video calls.

  1. With Skype already installed, access skype e log in with your own user account Skype o de Outlook; in the case of not having an account, you can always create one through the option Create Account from the main app window.
  2. Before making any call or video call it is essential to have some contacts on your Skype; In the case of Skype, we can search for users through their own contact finder in order to contact them directly by invitation.
  3. To search for users on Skype you just have to access the app finder located at the top of the contact list, write the name or email of the user you want to add and click on it magnifying glass icon or the tecla Enter; The matching results will appear after a few moments.
  4. If the person you want to add appears, choose Add and wait for the contact’s response; When he accepts your invitation, you can now write text messages or make voice calls and video calls.
  5. When the user accepts your invitation, their profile will appear in the left column for contacts and chats.
  6. Now you can start making calls and video calls with your added users; To do this, you just have to click on one of the contacts on the left to open a chat window in the right part of the Skype window.
  7. With a chat window open, three icons will appear in the upper right of the screen: the camera icon is to start a video call, the phone icon is to start a voice call and the icon with a “+” It is to add other users and start a group chat.
  8. When starting a call you will have several options such as turn video on and off through the camera icon, enable and disable the micro from the PC or mobile via the microphone icon and access to other options such as add more users through the three point icon.
  9. Another very interesting option of Skype video calls is the possibility of share screen with the other user to see our screen, a very useful tool in work videoconferences or remote assistance; to activate this option click on the three point icon and choose Share screen.
  10. To create chat groups with more than two users select a contact from your list, create a group through the icon Create group and add other users to the chat; Tap on the call or video call icon and wait for the other users to answer.

How to make a Skype call

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