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How to make a PayPal card

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How to make a PayPal card – Learn how to request a prepaid PayPal card safely.

Thanks to our tutorial you will learn to request a prepaid PayPal card in the safest and most comfortable way, very useful to be able to buy online and make money movements without banks as intermediaries, both for collect or receive money how to pay or transfer money. And one of the most requested tools is the PayPal prepaid card; you want to know how to request a PayPal card? Follow the next steps of our tutorial so you can request your card safely and comfortably.

How to request a PayPal card

The PayPal card is a prepaid card provided by Mastercard it does not need to be linked to any bank to use it and is valid for both physical stores how to online stores, although in the case of web pages for those stores that allow paying with prepaid cards, which are the vast majority.

Registering a prepaid PayPal card has a cost of 5 euros, although it does not have any monthly or maintenance fee, as long as there is at least one recharge or purchase in the last 12 months. Furthermore, it is possible link a PayPal account and transfer the available balance to the card.

Requirements to request a PayPal card

In order to register a PayPal card, we just have to be residents in Spain, have the DNI o NIE en vigor and be of age.

Basic information about PayPal cards

  • Card type: Prepaid
  • Payment method: Unique
  • Card issuer: MasterCard
  • ATM network: 4B
  • Contract channel: Internet
  • Currency: Euro

PayPal card limits

  • Maximum Balance: € 10,000.00
  • Limit recharges accumulated in one year: € 20,000.00
  • Maximum amount per recharge: € 1,500.00
  • Maximum amount per point of sale recharge: € 150.00 per transaction and € 300.00 per day

Steps to request a PayPal card

  • Step 1 | Apply for the card online: If you want to request a prepaid PayPal card right now, go to the following link on the official PayPal website and press the button Apply now that appears below the option PayPal prepaid card.
  • Step 2 | Complete the personal data: Complete the boxes with the different personal data requested and press the button Submit. Remember that it is mandatory to put your mobile phone number and the email, since the PIN number and the access passwords will be sent there to the Virtual Office. Important: the email for the PayPal card must be the same as the one used for the associated PayPal account. In addition, the personal information user and a copia del DNI for NO with the front and back of the document in a single file.
  • Step 3 | Check the data: Check that all the data entered is correct and finally press the button Finish.
  • Step 4 | Make the PayPal card payment: There are two options to make the payment of the PayPal card request, which as we said before, is 5 euros. Payment can be made through a credit card or with him account balance PayPal.

When the process has finished the user will receive a confirmation message like the following:

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