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How to download Facebook videos on PC

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The best tricks to download Facebook videos on your computer

Next we offer you the best tricks to download your favorite Facebook videos to your computer, a series of solutions with which you can download and save videos to your hard drive that you find in such a popular social network to watch whenever you want, even without an internet connection and in HD.

And it is that in recent years videos have occupied a large part of the publication walls of the users of Facebook, increasingly becoming a social network with a greater multimedia focus. Therefore, it is very likely that you will see many Facebook videos you would like to save, something that will already be possible thanks to our tutorial. Then, how to download Facebook videos on your computer.

How to download Facebook videos on PC

Facebook It does not allow to download videos natively, so we will have to rely on third-party solutions to be able to download and save them on our computer, different solutions that adapt to the needs of each user, although equally effective, both for PC Windows how Mac The Linux.

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We start with the most direct solution and that will give us less headaches, although we will need other websites to download the videos, many of them totally free although with enough advertising and advertisements in between. Still, we will get download any video from Facebook to be able to see it without having to be connected to the internet.

The first step is access the Facebook post in which you have seen the video you want to download; for this we recommend doing it from the browser Google Chrome. Once you have the video in front, place the cursor of the mouse on it and do right click to select option Show video URL. When you see the URL of the video, copy it to the clipboard of the computer.

How to download Facebook videos on PC

Now you must access a video download page through URL; there are many options although we recommend Downloadvideosfrom, a web page with which you can download any video in different formats such as MP3, MP4, MP4 HD … Paste the video URL that you want to download in the main box of said web page and click on one of the previous download options through its corresponding button. Automatically a window will open to manage the download on your PC.

Another option to download Facebook videos in a simple and fast way is installing an extension in our browser Google Chrome, so that all the download buttons are shown directly in the browser toolbar and you do not have to access other web pages. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Access the page Saveas and click on Add downloader at the top right of the screen.
  2. You will automatically access Chrome Web Store where you will have to click on the blue box Add to Chrome.
  3. Now, when watching the Facebook videos, a box will appear just below with the download options Download SD and Download HD.
  4. Click on one of the two buttons to start the download management on your computer, depending on whether you want to download the video with less or more quality.

How to download Facebook videos on PC

The third option to download Facebook videos on your computer is through a download manager like JDownloader, one of the most popular and used. You just have to access the official website of JDownloader and start download manager on your computer.

How to download Facebook videos on PC

Once installed and with JDownloader open, you will only have to copy the URL of the video as in the first section of this article so that it is pasted directly into JDownloader. Once we see the video in the links section of the download manager, we just have to give the Play for your download to start; once completed it will appear on the JDownloader download folder.

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