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how to complete Summer Heat Origi SBC

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Summer Heat content continues and today EA Sports has released another recurring SBC track called Dynamic Duo, where they are releasing two SBCs for the same club, this time focusing on Liverpool. Georgino Wijnaldum and Divock Origi are the players in question. If you want to add it to your team, here is everything you need to know about how to finish Summer Heat Origi SBC in FIFA 20.

Like the Wijnaldum, it is an excellent SBC. At just 88 agility, 89 accelerations, and 80 balance, it’s not perfectly goal, but with a style of engine chemistry, it’s amazing.

His running speed, physical and shooting statistics are top notch, and his technical dribbling statistics are excellent. He even got good passes for a striker. His combination of weak feet / skill movements and work rate are also excellent.

It’s also inexpensive, with just 110k coins. Here are the Summer Heat Origi SBC requirements:

Strong links

  • Belgian or Dutch players: min. one
  • Overall assessment of the equipment: min. 82
  • Equipment chemistry: min. 70

FIFA 20 Package Reward: Rare Mixed Players Small Pack

Premier League – Summer Heat Origi SBC

  • Premier League players: min. one
  • Overall assessment of the equipment: min. 83
  • Equipment chemistry: min. 60 60

FIFA 20 Package Reward: Premium Mixed Player Pack

Mixed workforce

  • Equipment chemistry: min. 5 5

FIFA 20 bundle reward: rare player bundle

How to complete Summer Heat Origi SBC in FIFA 20

The teams classified 82 and 83 are not as cheap as before, but they are easy to configure. Your best bet is to use the other leveling SBCs that are in the game. By placing common gold medals you don’t wear on SBC 85-92, you should quickly have some highly skilled players who can then create a team for each team.

Getting a player of 86/87/88 or higher will allow you to use cheap players of 80 or less from the same leagues, which will give you chemistry and allow you to avoid 83/84 players who are expensive at the moment.

Also, Summer Heat Origi SBC’s chemical requirements are significantly lower than Wijnaldum’s, making your options even more open. You can also get away with using lower-rated players on Team 82 if necessary.

For the Premier League player, try to use a goalkeeper where you can, and someone like Casteels, Daley Blind or Memphis Depay will be good for the Belgian / Dutch player.

This is all you need to know how to finish Summer Heat Origi SBC in FIFA 20. For more tips and tricks about the game, be sure to search for dlprivateserver or check out our wiki guide.

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