How to complete all the Marvel missions and challenges of week 3

Season 4 of Fortnite brings us a good handful of Marvel heroes and, along with them, the usual list of challenges with which to level up faster in the Battle Pass. Below you have all challenges from week 3.

Challenges of week 3 (Season 4)

  • Register chests in Angry Stacks: the classic challenge that asks us to collect 7 safes in a zone, in this case in the power station to the northeast of the map.
  • Eliminations in Commerce City: we need 3 eliminations in the city area to the east of the map, north of the snowy mountains.
  • Gather Wood in Afflicted Alameda: It is time to move to the forest on the west side of the map, between Sticky Swamp and The Authority and collect 500 wooden units.
  • Visit the Black Panther Stalking: You will find this point of interest west of Campo Calígine, in the southern part of the map. You simply have to approach her to complete the challenge.

  • Deal damage with explosions from gas pipes or gasoline cans: The best way to complete it is to drop an enemy to the ground and, when he is waiting for revival, drop a can of gasoline nearby and make it explode with shots. We need 250 points of damage to complete it.

  • Set fire traps: the hardest thing is to be lucky to find the traps. The challenge asks us to place 3 fire traps without being scorched. The easiest thing is to set traps with Team Rumble by leaving legendary items in some hidden area.
  • Eliminate Iron Man in Stark Industries: It’s time to travel to the new area of ​​the map and kill the Marvel hero. As in the case of killing Doom it does not have much mystery. We will have to 3 times.

  • Deal damage to opponents in Campo Calígine: We need to do 500 points of damage And, if things are very difficult for you at the top, having luck with the storm circles in the southern part of the map in Team Fight may be the solution.

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