How to complete all Marvel missions and challenges from week 2

Season 4 of Fortnite brings us a good handful of Marvel heroes and, along with them, the usual list of challenges with which to level up faster in the Battle Pass. Below you have all challenges from week 2.

Challenges of week 2 (Season 4)

  • Register chests in Señorío de la Sal: the classic challenge that asks us to collect 7 safes in an area, in this case in the town west of La Authority.
  • Eliminations in The Authority: we need 3 eliminations in the central area of ​​the map to close it.
  • Dance on different Sentinel heads in the Sentinel Graveyard: It is time to move to the sentry cemetery, halfway between The Authority and Sleeping Pools. We shall dance on 3 Sentinel heads to complete it.
  • Destroy ships in Sandy Cliffs: Cliffs Anerosos is in the northern part of the map and its beaches are loaded with boats. We must destroy 7 to be closed, so depending on the flow of players we may have to do it in several games.
  • Bounce on different dog toys in Ant-Man’s mansion: You’ll find the mansion south of Burning Sands and it’s as easy as bouncing off the balls that are scattered around. You need to bounce on 4 different toys.
  • Go under different colored steel bridges with a speedboat: The easiest route to complete it is to fall at Sandy Cliffs, take the motorboat and head towards La Authority. On that road we will find a bridge and shortly after we will find a detour. Take the path to the right, cross the second bridge and return to the initial path to continue to the south of the map. When you get to the lake of La Autoridad turn left towards the east and go straight towards Finca Frenesí until you find the third and last bridge.

  • Register SHIELD chests inside Quinjets: we will need several games to get the 7 SHIELD safes that asks us the challenge, but finding them is a breeze. Simply go to one of the areas where the planes that leave at the beginning of the game land and open the chests inside.
  • Deal damage to opponents in Grudge Corner: It is not much of a mystery, but if you find it difficult to hurt enemies, we recommend playing in Team Fight. We must do 500 points of damage in the little town at the foot of the snowy mountains to the southeast.

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