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How to change the location in Wallapop

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Tutorial to change your location in the Wallapop application to reach more users

Next we will teach you how to change wallapop location using a few simple steps through the app settings to iOS and Android phones, a very useful option if you want to reach more potential buyers who can find you in more populated areas.

And it is that Wallapop shows upcoming products using the location of its users, so it is possible that if you live in an area with less population density you want to locate in another nearby place where more people live and thus reach many more users who can search for products like the ones you sell. And the same goes for products you look for through the app.

Yes, in Wallapop cannot be relocated continuously. Wallapop blocks the location change for a while if you just changed it. Make sure you don’t go wrong with the new address. But do not worry, if you are wrong, we explain how to skip the block.

Therefore, thanks to our tutorial you will know how to change the location of the Wallapop mobile app.

Thus, when configuring the Wallapop account we must write our physical address with our zip code so that the app places us on the map so that we can interact with other nearby users of the application. Of course, it is up to each user to configure a more generalized or specific location depending on the needs of each one, since there are people who are much more dedicated to Wallapop than others and it can be a nuisance to receive many more notifications in highly populated areas.

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Follow the next steps to change your Wallapop profile location:

  1. Access the Wallapop app through your iOS or Android mobile with your session started
  2. Click on the three line icon horizontal to display the main menu of the application
  3. Click on your profile picture to access your Wallapop profile
  4. In your app profile, click on pencil icon located at the top of the screen to access your account settings options
  5. Click now in the section Location where your current or predefined location will appear
  6. Write the new address with which you want to update your location in Wallapop and confirm the change

So you can easily change your Wallapop profile location, either to bring your place of residence or area where you move to a more populated area to reach more potential users or vice versa, to be further from areas with high population densities and not appear so high in searches of products.

Wallapop allows you to make changes to the user’s location, but once done, it blocks it so that people do not change their location every day and some take advantage of it to carry out scams.

If you have changed your Wallapop location and need to change it again and Wallapop has blocked your location change, you can try the following:

  1. Enter Wallapop and close the session by clicking on the menu, then on your user profile and then on the configuration gear -> Close Session
  2. Completely uninstall the application from your mobile
  3. Let a few minutes pass
  4. Reinstall the application on the mobile
  5. Log in
  6. Access your user profile, click on the pencil to edit it and click on Location again to change it as we showed you in the previous steps.

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