How to capture animals, craft a generator and create batteries

One of the basic principles of Craftopia is to take advantage of the automatisms to raise the bar of your islands as quickly as possible, but also to do it in a comfortable way. Is guide of animals, generators and batteries It is the key to succeeding at it.

What you need to know about this is that to make certain technologies work you will need batteries (batteries), but these can only be created using a generator powered by animals. If you want to start your battery factory, this is what you should do.

How to capture and tame animals

Tame animals it’s as easy as capturing them with one of the key objects in Craftopia, he Monster Prism. You can create it from the tool bench by joining three pieces of iron and two of sand:

Monster Prism

After getting the Monster Prism Get close to an animal and reduce its life to improve the chances of hunting it. Before killing him, use the Monster Prism to capture him. If you are lucky you will get it the first time, but you may need more than one Monster Prism to capture it.

How to build a generator

With the captured animal in your power, it’s time to put it to work on a running wheel. To craft the generator (Small Generator) you need the wheel, steel and five logs:

Small Generator

  • 1x Cogwheel
  • 1x Steel Ingot
  • 5x Log

Once created place it in the world and then use the Monster Prism to release the animal inside the wheel so that it starts running and the generator begins to create batteries infinitely. Of course, remember that the animal will end up dying after a while and you will need to replace it with another to continue generating batteries.

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