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[Guide] Resident Evil 3 – Where to find the pick

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Already in the first moments of the game Resident Evil 3 Remake, you will notice that some boxes and lockers are closed with padlocks. The only way to open them is to use one jimmy, which you will find during the adventure. We therefore present a quick one guide on where to find the pick in Resident Evil 3.

Fortunately, this is not such a difficult thing, considering that it is an indispensable object to continue with the story. In any case, at some point in the adventure, you will be asked to activate four generators to restore power to the subway. To do this you will have to reach the Power plant. First you will have to switch from Control Center, which you can easily reach by using the map.

Here you will find a door that opens onto an external courtyard. Go down the stairs, collect the two green plants (they will come in handy) and go to the closed door with the padlock. Here you will be asked to find the pick that you will find on your left. You will indeed find a corpse with a casket. Collect the box and examine it from the inventory menu. Once opened, you will get the jimmy. Also remember to retrieve the closed lockers and chests, to unlock upgrades and ammunition.

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So this is the guide on where to find the pick in Resident Evil 3. We remind you that on you will find the complete guide to the game.

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