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[Guide] Resident Evil 3 – How to get all weapons and upgrades

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[Guida] Resident Evil 3 - How to get all weapons and upgrades

Also in Resident Evil 3 Remake we can find extra weapons and upgrades to facilitate your journey through the alleys of Raccoon City. We therefore present a brief guide on how to get all weapons and upgrades on RE 3 Remake; we wish you a good read.

C-19 pistol

You will find this gun in one of the first game sections. After witnessing the death of Brad Vickers, you will find yourself outside the Bar Jack. Here you will find the body of a policeman. Analyze it and pick up the gun.


  • Optical viewfinder: you will find the viewfinder inside the first safe of the game. To find it, enter the building opposite the pharmacy and enter the following combination: 9, 1, 8 (here the complete sequence). Once opened you will get the viewfinder;
  • Extended charger: to get the extended magazine you will have to shoot down the Nemesis for the first time. A couple of grenades will be enough to make him drop the upgrade (if you have problems here are some tips to deal with the Tyrant);
  • Thin barrel: as for the extended magazine, in this case too you will have to defeat the Nemesis for a second time. Nothing so complicated.

M3 Shotgun

You will find the shotgun by accessing the Metro offices. The rifle will be inside a chained case. Find the nippers and open the case.


  • Tactical Stock: You will have to solve the first puzzle of the game, which will require you to find three gems. Follow our guide to find the gems and unlock the upgrade;
  • Semi-automatic fire: you will find the upgrade in the first floor of the Gun Shop Kendo, already visited in Resident Evil 2 Remake;
  • Cartucciera: this upgrade is located in the Underground Storage, in the area where you will have to activate all the fuses. Behind one of the hydraulic lifts you will find the Cartucciera.

resident evil 3 armi

MGL grenade launcher

You will find the MGL Grenade Launcher in the sewer office (you can easily reach it following the map). The Grenade Launcher will be in plain sight above a metal trolley. In your help you will also find a document to know how to craft ammunition.


The weapon has no power-ups, which is already devastating in this way.

Pistola G-18

You will get this weapon simply by proceeding with the story. In particular, you can unlock it the first time you play Carlos.


The weapon has no power ups.

CQBR assault rifle

As with the G-18, you will get the CQBR during the first section with Carlos. If you started the campaign in assisted mode, you will have the assault rifle right away.


  • Viewfinder: go to the west office of the police station and open the briefcase with the word “STARS”. To open it you must have obtained Brad’s card;
  • Tactical handle: go to the left wing of the Hospital Courtyard (first floor). The place can be reached by jumping from a window on the second floor.
  • Double charger: you will find the upgrade in the safe inside the nurses’ room, located in the hospital. The combination is 9, 3 (here is the guide to combinations).

G-18 pistol (machine gun)

You will find the gun in the Hospital Makeshift Sickroom, once you have regained control of Jill. The weapon will be on a counter.


The weapon has no power ups.

.44 AE Lightning Hawk (Magnum)

You will find the Magnum in the Hospital Courtyard. To reach the area you will have to use Jill and go through a narrow passage located on the second floor of the building. Then exit the window and jumped to the lower floor. Here you will find a chest: open it and inside you will find the gun.


Extended barrel: The upgrade is located behind a computer in the Underground Storage Surveillance Room (2F), immediately after solving the fuse conundrum.

In addition to the weapons described above, you will have the opportunity to unlock others. To do this you will have to end the campaign at least once and access the RE 3 shop (here the guide).

So this is the guide on how to get all the weapons and their upgrades on the Capcom remake. For more information on the game, you can consult our complete guide.

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