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[Guide] Nioh 2 – How to kill William

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nioh 2 william

Against all expectations, in Nioh 2 you will find yourself facing the good William, protagonist of the first Nioh. Needless to say, the clash will send you different emotions, as long as you played with him in the first chapter of the series. In any case, it is a “classic” fight against a human (Toshiie, Tokichiro). The good William will rely on lightning attacks, thanks to his affinity with Katana and Lancia.

The boss pattern is very similar to what we can unlock ourselves during the campaign, but it won’t be easy to predict anyway. The speed of the attacks is indeed incredible. If William picks you up in time, death will be taken for granted. In fact, in this case, the advice we feel we can give you is only one:

dodge as much as possible and attack only when you are sure to hit. Specifying every single William’s attack would make no sense, considering the speed with which he passes from one attack to another. In other words, the attacks are randomly combined and it is therefore very difficult to predict how to react. What we can tell you, though, is to pay close attention to his parry, with which it will try to block your attack to perform an execution. Also be careful when William moves to lancia.

nioh 2 william

Although the attacks are less rapid, the samurai will be able to aim for a greater range. In these phases try not to stray too far, as it could spin the spear and run towards you chaining a devastating combo. During the clash, William will be able to infuse his weapons with water, dealing elemental damage. In these cases, his moves will be much more violent and faster. We therefore suggest that you run some soul attacks to keep it away (the Nucleo di Yatsu-no-Kami it is perhaps the best considering that it also takes damage from poison).

The same will evoke Saoirse, his Guardian Spirit. In this case William will be able to generate pools of water that will cause you high damage. Therefore, before the clash it is advisable to equip awater resistant armor. Fortunately the battle will end before having completely eliminated William’s life, starting a very pleasant cut scene.

These then hints and tips for defeating William. We remind you that on Uagna.it you will find the Complete guide to Nioh 2 bosses.

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