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[Guide] Nioh 2 – How to kill Tokichiro (Corrupted Yokai)

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nioh 2 tokichiro

If you thought you beat Tokichiro once and for all you are wrong. In fact, your ex partner will return to a new one boss fight in the form of Yokai Corrotto. Needless to say, the clash will be more demanding than the previous one, but with a little healthy patience, you will also take home this victory. Before going on the pitch, remember equip armor and amulets resistant to fire and lightning.

This because the two Tokichiro katanas will be constantly infused with fire and lightning (like when you upgraded in the first fight). Specifically, the attack pattern is based on very fast attacks. These are two three-hit combos that will only hit you if you are nearby. At the end of each combo you will have the opportunity to hit it two or three times. To do this you will have to adopt amedium-low grip.

It will take you longer to kill him but we assure you that it is the only suitable strategy to face him. In any case, before attacking, you will have to be very careful as the boss will try to parry your shot and perform an execution. Needless to say, in this case, the damage inflicted by the boss would be very high. Very similar is the hold, with which Tokichiro will pierce you by ending the clash (you can recognize the move thanks to the white and black aura on the sword).

Also pay attention to the shot with which it will leap forward, indicated by a blue glow. With this move the boss will travel several meters, allowing him to reach you even if you are far away. In fact Tokichiro can be dangerous even from a distance by throwing gods slashes of fire and lightning.

nioh 2 tokichiro

The number of slashes thrown is random. In some situations, the boss may perform a flurry of very powerful slits. However, this move is also a valuable opportunity. Once the attack begins, Tokichiro will continue to hit in a certain direction.

This will allow you to go behind him and attack him unchallenged. Once you have reset the Ki bar, the boss will turn into Yokai and will summon the Dark Kingdom. Double Katanas will become two huge swords. Weapons that the boss can decide to infuse with fire or lightning. This means that depending on the element used, the Tokichiro patter varies slightly. With fire will launch slashes and burning balls, as well as being able to summon him Monkey Spirit; with lightning he will launch electric slashes and perform sudden shots.

In this case, moreover, it will be able to evoke some Electric “pools” making use of the other Guardian Spirit: the Tapir. The clash is not really difficult. However, as this is a very dynamic encounter, you will have to make the most of your reflexes. If you are not sure if you will hit, wait for the next opportunity; don’t be greedy.

These then tips and tricks to kill Tokichiro (Corrupted Yokai). We remind you that on Uagna.it you will find the Complete guide to Nioh 2 bosses.

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