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[Guide] Nioh 2 – How to kill Maeda Toshiie

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Maeda Toshiie is the general of Oda Nobunaga that you have already met during the adventure of Nioh 2. Due to the facts of history, you will find yourself facing it as mid-boss. Although it is a human, you should not underestimate it.

The battle could prove to be more difficult than expected. Maeda will use her faithful spear, making quick attacks that will reset your Ki. By the way, the arena is quite small and will allow the boss to reach you with his slits. Before starting the battle, you can equip afire resistant armor, and bring with you as many accessories to attack from afar (bombe, shuriken, kunai ecc.). Toshiie’s pattern is not very varied.

He will repeat the same two or three combos indefinitely. In particular, the samura will often rotate his spear and then start the attack consisting of blows and lunges. Here you will have to be very good at dodging. For this reason it is advisable to use alow handle, to avoid running out of Ki. In this regard, it is advisable to equip the shortcuts with thesacred water, which may come in handy during the clash.

Anyhow, the time to attack Toshiie is at the end of each combo. Don’t be greedy and do two or three hits at most. In the middle of the fight, the pattern will change slightly.

The boss will summon his Guardian Spirit, igniting the spear and attacking with much more violence. In addition to the classic lunge, the boss will perform a devastating combo, with six / seven very fast lunges. Needless to say, even in this case, you will have to dodge as much as possible.

To make your life easier you can equip the sloth talisman so as to slow down its movements. Being a human you will not have to deal with the Dark Kingdom but we assure you that already in this way the clash has a medium-high difficulty level. This is a boss fight where you have to be patient and never lose focus; a wrong dodge will be enough to die. Avoid the shots and, at the first window, hit without mercy.

These then tips and advice to defeat Maeda Toshiie. We remind you that on you will find the Complete guide to Nioh 2 bosses.

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