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[Guide] Nioh 2 – How to kill Daidara Bocchi

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nioh 2 daidara

The clash with Daidara Bocchi remember that with very close Gasha Dokuro in the first Nioh. It is indeed one confrontation with scripted phases, albeit rather repetitive. The aim will basically be to to strike the Amritas embedded in his hands to reset his Ki.

Once you have destroyed all the stones in a hand, the boss will drop in, allowing you to get on the arm to get to the head and perform an execution. You will have to perform this procedure three times, until you finally defeat the boss. Obviously during the battle Daidara will not remain with his hands (yes it is appropriate to say it).

The attack he will abuse is the throwing of pieces of rock, indicated by a red signal. You just have to run a little to the right and left to avoid them without problems. Another usual attack is the launch of laser beams from the eyes (or an electric sphere). In both cases these are easily dodged shots but you will have to be careful of the camera.

This is because, targeting your hands, you will not have a clean view of the boss’s head. During the battle you will have to be good at turning the camera towards your head, so as to keep an eye on any attacks. Finally, pay attention to two attacks in which he will try to crush you with his hands. Being hit will mean certain death but standing on either side of the arena you won’t have any problems.

nioh 2 daidara

So these are the tips and tricks to defeat Daidara Bocchi. We remind you that on Uagna.it you will find the Complete guide to Nioh 2 bosses.

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