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[Guide] Final Fantasy VII Remake – How to defeat the Scorpio Vigilante

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[Guida] Final Fantasy VII Remake - How to defeat the Scorpio Vigilante

[Guide] Final Fantasy VII Remake – How to defeat the Scorpio Vigilante: The Scorpio alert; is the first boss of Final Fantasy VII Remake. We meet him during the first mission of the game, in the depths of the reactor that Cloud, Barret, and the rest of the Avalanche team are planning to detonate to sabotage the Shinra. Here is a quick guide with some advice on how to defeat Vigilante Scorpio.

The battle consists of 4 phases, and here is explained in detail what will happen in each phase and how best to proceed.

Phase 1

Vigilante Scorpio will remain on the ground, and in this first phase there is very little to do except attack him directly. The best character to use in this situation is definitely Cloud, which can easily slide behind the boss to hit him from behind. When possible, also use the various Cloud skills, to try to put him in tension right away. It is not a simple undertaking, but neither is it impossible. Also pay particular attention to Barret and his ATB bar: when this is loaded, also follow the suggestions of Cloud on the screen, which will tell the partner to use Fulgor on the Vigilante. Do it, because it is the most useful magic in this case.

One of the Vigilante’s most frequent movements will be an attack from above: the boss will jump and catapult on one of the characters, most likely the one you are using at the time. When the boss jumps, obviously use the dodge and move as far as possible from the area where you are, so as to reduce the chances of being hit.

The Vigilante may then be able to imprison Cloud: at that moment, you will have to be quick to take Barret’s command and hit towards the boss, you will have some chance to prevent your partner from being hurt.

Phase 2

After losing a bit of life, the Vigilante Scorpio will develop a protective barrier, but not only: it will begin to move much more frequently, and also position itself on the walls vertically and away from you, and then attack with explosive missiles. In this phase it is almost mandatory to use Barret for ranged attacks, but not only: through the gatling, continue to hit the protective barrier of the boss, even when this is far away – and obviously remember to dodge the missiles as much as possible; moreover, when it is available, you will have to concentrate the fire on the protective core, and when I speak of fire I obviously speak of the Fulgor magic. Keep Barret’s ATB bar as much as possible and use it only for Fulgor, the most useful magic in this case too.

Phase 3

This is the most dangerous phase. The Vigilante, visibly angry, will launch a missile attack towards the ceiling of the structure, dropping some wreckage, and will then prepare to launch a powerful shot with the caudal laser. If it hits you, it will do you very, very bad. Fortunately, to avoid it, very little is needed: positioning yourself behind one of the wrecks that have just collapsed from the ceiling, you will remain safe from the laser, and when it has hit you will be free to come out into the open and resume the normal attack.

In this phase, moreover, the Vigilante will develop an electrical attack around him and that is activated a few seconds after the appearance of a sort of blue area surrounding his body. If you are using Cloud, which is in our opinion the best choice – never forget Barret’s Fulgor – we recommend extreme caution, and above all not to stay close to the Vigilante for too long. The moment you see that the boss is preparing to launch the electric attack, immediately use the dodge and move away from him until the effect has passed.

Phase 4

Quite simple phase: the Vigilante is put on the ropes, and is doing everything to repair himself. The goal is to destroy it permanently, but to do so you will have to hit one of its front limbs first. Use Cloud and don’t worry too much about avoiding attacks, because you won’t take much damage: on the contrary, attack as fast as possible, perhaps using Barret’s evergreen Fulgor, and soon you will destroy one of the Vigilante’s limbs. Once this is done, hit the central body, then repeat the procedure for the second limb when the boss returns to position.

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