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[Guide] Final Fantasy VII Remake – How to Defeat Roche (Chapter 4)

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[Guida] Final Fantasy VII Remake - How to Defeat Roche (Chapter 4)

[Guide] Final Fantasy VII Remake – How to Defeat Roche (Chapter 4) – You will meet Roche for the first time during the motorcycle phase together with Jessie, Biggs and Wedge, as you will be heading to the Chapter 4 within another structure of the Shinra, but it will only be within the latter that you will fight it properly.

In fact, this first clash with Roche it is really simple, however we believe it is useful to give you some advice in case you find yourself particularly difficult during this battle. We can divide it into 2 phases, which mainly differ in the speed that the opponent will exploit.

Phase 1

During this first phase, Roche will be practically immobile, and very rarely will he grant himself some attacks, mainly of a magical type. Ice, fire and electricity, these will be the spells available to Rosche, all easily avoidable with a simple dodge.

In fact, this whole first phase can be completed without suffering any damage and without puzzling too much. Just aim the target at Roche so that you always have it in the center of the screen, get close to him to hit him 3 or 4 times at most, and then move away for a few seconds in order to make the boss cast the spell and then start again. attack phase. After removing about a third of Roche’s life bar, the second phase will begin.

Phase 2

This time, Roche remembers that he is able to walk (albeit very, very slowly), and therefore it will also begin to hit physically. Occasionally, but less frequently, Roche will also be able to cast spells such as Incineration, the tactic in this case is always the same, that is, to approach to attack it with a few blows and then retreat for a few seconds.

In fact, even the rest of the battle could be summarized in these few lines, which advise you to wait carefully for the right moment to attack and especially the right one to get away from Roche and let him perform the attack, hoping to dodge it. There are two physical attacks that the boss will do. The first is the Prostrating Cleave: this is a jump attack, you will notice it because Roche will initially bend and then jump into the air and go towards you. As soon as you see the name of this attack appear on Roche’s head, distance yourself from him so as not to be hit by the boss or the shock wave upon landing.

The second attack is instead very similar to the Exhausting Injury Cloud, a powerful forward slash that can be easily dodged with the right timing by going to the side of the boss. Continuing with the “hit and retreat” tactic, you will be able to exhaust Rosche just before the end of his life bar, so as to hit him continuously without worrying more about having to dodge his shots.

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