Gmail: how to enter your email account

Guide to sign in and create a Gmail account. Gmail is one of the platforms of email most popular in the world, with millions of users around the world sending and receiving emails at all times.

And is that Google has created a fast and very effective system available to all audiences; although if you still do not have an email account or want to know how to log in to Gmail, below we offer you a complete tutorial for both enter your Gmail account how to create a mail account of Google.

How to log in to Gmail

If you want to access your Gmail account for the first time, you may not know exactly how to do it, either from a computer or a mobile device. To do this, go to the official website of Gmail using a PC internet browser and, once there, enter your personal data, that is, your Username (either your email address or phone number) and your password in the corresponding places. Push the button Following with each new step and you will be able to access your email account.

If for any reason you have forgot your username or passwordYou will need to use your phone number or an alternative email address to retrieve your data, all previously configured when creating your primary email address.

On the other hand, if you want to have more than one Gmail account open at the same time, you just have to click on your user icon located in the upper right corner of the screen and tap on Add Account. Now you can switch between various accounts by clicking on their respective user icons.

To enter Gmail through a mobile device you must follow very similar steps; the only difference is that you can download the Gmail official app both in Android (Google Play) as in iPhone (iTunes), open the app and enter your data as in the previous steps.

How to create a Gmail account

To create a Gmail account you must follow a few simple steps; again, the first thing is to access the official website of Gmail and, once there, click on Create Account, option located in the lower left corner of the main frame.

When you access the account configurator you must enter the typical personal information how:

  • Name
  • Surnames
  • Username
  • Password
  • Telephone number (Optional)
  • Alternative email address (Optional)
  • Date of birth (optional)
  • Sex (Optional)

Of course, when choosing your username and password you must bear in mind certain aspects, such as that username must be unique (if you choose one already used by someone else you will have to look for an alternative); the system itself will tell you in real time if the username you choose is already used by another user. About the password, it will have to be a minimum of eight characters, combining letters, numbers and symbols.

Gmail: how to enter your email account

When you have entered all your personal data to create your email account, you will access a page of Privacy and conditions which we will have to accept to go ahead with the creation of our Gmail email account. Once you check the corresponding boxes, click on Create Account to finish the process.

You will access a welcome page in which Gmail offers a small tutorial and introduction to all the possibilities of e-mail; In addition, you can finish customizing your account by adding a user photo, configuring the interface colors, importing contacts or configuring external email accounts in your new Gmail account.

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