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Fortnite Deadpool floats at The Yacht locations: where to find all inflatables

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Fortnite Deadpool floats at The Yacht locations: where to find all inflatables

They may have been the guest stars of last season, but thanks to Fortnite Deadpool floats we can still experience Merc with a Mouth. You must find five of these for one of the Fortnite Week 2 challenges, but with some major changes for the new season, you may not be sure where to look. In fact, the yacht has been significantly modified as it is no longer a named location on the map, and it also moved from the previous mooring in the northeast corner of the island.

Don’t worry though, because we’ve tracked down where the Yacht is now located in Fortnite, and we’ve also put together all the swim aids for this challenge. If you’re ready to find all Fortnite Deadpool float locations, read on and we’ll show you exactly where to look.

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Fortnite The Yacht location

The transition to Season 3 has not been kind to The Yacht and it looks a little ramshackle these days, though it still has a working dance floor complete with a giant Midas / Deadpool statue looking at it. You will now find The Yacht on grid E1, in the center of the north edge of the map.

Fortnite Deadpool Floaties locations

You’ll find the first of the Fortnite Deadpool floats inside the orange container room on the southeast platform, on the top level with a telescope and an umbrella on top.

The second of the Fortnite Deadpool floats is hidden on the lowest level of the Main Yacht, in the corner next to a chest that is filmed against a green screen background ..

For the third of the Fortnite Deadpool floats, you’ll need to climb the roof rafters above the dance floor, then peer into the corner of the bench-lined side room.

The Fortnite Deadpool float room relaxes on the deck west of the dance floor, under a parasol between a pair of loungers overlooking a rusty bridge .

The fifth and final entrance for the Fortnite Deadpool floats can be found inside the red cabin, at the north end of the yacht’s main deck.

So, that’s all you need to know: walk and interact with the five Fortnite Deadpool floats and the challenge will be complete.

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