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For “battered” armor, players cultivate mid-summer in Destiny 2

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Para armaduras "maltratadas", los jugadores cultivan la mitad del verano en Destiny 2

Destiny 2 will soon be the heroes’ summer solstice. Players can develop special armor that is one of the most coveted in the game. Now the first images and information about this year’s event have been found.

What type of armor are they? In Destiny 2, players can’t complain about unique weapons, especially the new Exotic that stands out visually and due to its special playstyle. The guardians will soon have new armor that will turn heads.

The armor in question is tied to tough challenges, and if you want to decorate your character with it, you’re good during the middle of the summer. You can win the jewels from the Solstice of Heroes summer event.

This year, as guardians of the world, one uses breaks and cracks to walk. The Guardians’ energy seems to break their battered armor:

Energy flows from cracks in solstice armor – source: Ginsor on Twitter

Solstice of Heroes 2020 in Destiny 2

Where does the information come from? The information we trust in this article comes from Dataminer Ginsor. It has built a reputation as a trusted source over the years and most recently correctly predicted ex-season 11 weapons.

Meanwhile, there are numerous confirmations of Ginsor’s findings in databases known as light.gg.

Please note, however, that the information is not official from Bungie and is therefore not set in stone.

We know this about the summer event: A look at the season 11 roadmap shows that the hero solstice will take place from August 11 to September 8 this year. The event coincides with the celebrations that have already begun, the triumphant moments of 2020.

Once again it will take the Guardians to the European Air Zone. This special area is only active during the summer event and was well received last year with its hidden chests, mini bosses, and “ripped” look – some custodians wanted the area to remain permanent.

From the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan: this is what the update process looked like in the past

How to earn and level your armor: It looks like you’re starting over with a broken base version of the solstice armor. The armor will be improved and repaired in several stages during the event.

This upgrade process requires not only trips to the air zone, but also numerous activities from all over Destiny 2. At each armor level, tasks get tougher, but your armor is getting more and more stylish to make up for.

Some of this year’s challenges – Source: Ginsor

Thus, the armor caused criticism: To win the fully upgraded armor, players have to spend a lot of time. Unfortunately, the armor quickly became irrelevant in terms of level.

The next sunset is likely to further depress motivation. In DLPrivateServer, you asked for the prettiest armor to come into play as universal ornaments.

You can also get the so-called armor glows for the solstice armor on the Eververse. If you saved a lot, you should also be able to do it with the in-game currency.

The reason why this year’s solstice armor might marvel much more than expected is due to an upcoming change: Destiny 2 brings the armor feature that many desire – Correct Transfiguration.

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