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FIFA 21 – possible date, equipment and content

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FIFA 21: Demo: posible fecha, equipos y contenido

There manifestation playable from FIFA 21 will represent the first real opportunity to try pad in hand the new chapter of the soccer simulator of Electronic arts. For years, we have gotten used to a launch in late September, while for this edition we will have to wait October 9 and consequently the demo will also be released a few days later than the traditional period.

Typically, the Canadian software house releases a playable demo two weeks before the final release, so presumably we’ll be able to play FIFA 21, on the platforms Playstation 4, Xbox One it is personal computerWednesday September 23 or no later than Monday September 28.

According to tradition in the demonstration of FIFA 21 You can use a limited number of teams, usually clubs that have signed a partnership agreement with EA Sports, and one of the most important stadiums available on the official list. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect the possibility of being able to use teams like Liverpool, Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund, PSG, Real Madrid, Rome and Atlético de Madrid.

In the demo we hope to find the classic mode Kick off that will allow you to play 4-minute games and some previews of one of the most important new features of FIFA 21, perhaps the renewed modality Soccer time. Unfortunately, as has been the case for years, it won’t be possible to preview the most popular mode in the series. FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

At the moment, Electronic Arts has released no official press releases about the playable demo of FIFA 21, which will likely take place in August during events dedicated to the unveiling of the new chapter in the series.

Remember that when requesting FIFA 21 on the PlayStation®4 or Xbox One system prior to the launch of FIFA 22, you can obtain the equivalent version of the next-generation console (Xbox Series X or PlayStation®5 system) at no additional cost thanks to Dual Tititlement.

FIFA 21 expected for him October 9 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch and in later crops for Next Gen platforms PlayStation 5 it is Xbox Series X. Also follow us through our social networks Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

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