Tue. Aug 4th, 2020

FIFA 20 – How to build the perfect team in FUT

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Ultimate Team it is undoubtedly one of the leading colonies of FIFA, the famous football series developed and published by Electronic Arts. Obviously also in FIFA 20 the mode comes back in full swing, as widely described in our review.

For the uninitiated, the purpose of FUT is to build your own team to compete with those of other online players in the different modes available. For this reason we have written one for you guide to building the perfect team in FUT 20; we wish you a good read.

  1. The first advice we give you is to build a team that has maximum harmony. To achieve this goal you must have players of the same nationality or league in the team, remembering to position them in the right roles. Having a harmony of 100 (the maximum) will allow you to improve team behavior, with more coordinated movements and passages;
  2. If it is true that union is strength, it is equally true that having a champion in a team could make a difference. Once you have accumulated a lot of credits you can bet on buying a player with overall medium high. However, in addition to seeing the overall value of the player, we advise you to go and study the individual characteristics. If you are looking for a Dzeko tip to make the sides attack, it will be preferable to buy a player with greater stability and elevation, despite having a lower overall than another player who does not enjoy those characteristics;
  3. Another tip we give you is to manage your finances with care, represented by game credits. To build a perfect team in FUT 20in fact, you need credits (and many!). Therefore try not to waste them and avoid discarding players that are not useful for your style of play. Rather, try to always sell them at auction, so you can collect some extra credit. Even in shopping, you will have to be patient trying to spend as little as possible. Another trick would be to accomplish seasonal goals and (obviously) win as many games as possible.
  4. If you are lucky people and if you have some credit aside, you can try your luck by buying player packages. As you know, in FUT you will have to deal with different types of packages, based on the rarity of the players. For obvious reasons we advise you to spend your credits on the purchase of Gold or Premium Gold packages, where you will find the strongest players. Therefore, leave out bronze or silver bags.

So this is the FIFA 20 guide to build the perfect team in Fifa Ultimate Team.

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