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ELDER SCROLLS: SKYRIM (Honest Game Trailers)

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ELDER SCROLLS: SKYRIM (Honest Game Trailers)

Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite Video Games: Honest Game Trailers. These are the hilarious trailers the game developers don’t want you to …

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  2. Only watching this now, why, because I was playing Skyrim from 2011, on all the different platforms, different classes, then the legendary edition and then the special edition and then guess what, back to the PC version and this time finished the main story, that took me 5 hours…..really??? Now I can be reinserted into the matrix….

  3. Frost troll: is being killed by an almost imortal being who can fly, harnest fire, ice, or lighting just by shouting, is bigger than the giants, can eat you alive, and is probably able to bend time and space

    Me: shows up to kill this vial creature and harnest its soul which basically means im more powerful than him

    Frost troll: tries to kill me and succeeds

  4. Only just started playing last month, after the game was on sale on Steam. Just reached level 20 and I feel like there's still so much more to do, like visit so many cities on my map that I haven't even reached yet. (Too many simultaneous quests)

  5. I remember one time I told my follower to wait in a cave while I sneak on ahead. When I finish the cave i was able to leave at the end of the cave so I did, completely forgetting about the follower. I went on for months trying to figure out why I couldn't recruit the other followers lmao

  6. If you think upgrading your Sneak skill adds 100s of hours, wait until you have to load from a previous save 4 million times to upgrade Pickpocket and Lockpicking.

  7. Omfg this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life. MOVE, LYDIA! STARRING, TRIPLE H. I'm effing dying over here. ? ? ? I just had the shittiest 12-hour work day and you made it alllll better. (sort of) Thank you for this!! ❤️

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