Destiny 2 finally solves a technology problem that made the game impossible

Destiny 2 has been suffering from a severe beaver infestation for some time. Behind the funny name is an error code that completely stole some game fun players. The problem should finally be a thing of the past.

What about the beaver infestation? Beavers are not welcome in Destiny 2. But not because they gnaw trees, but because this is the name of a really annoying mistake: the beaver’s mistake.

For example, the beaver error causes you to land on an empty instance. Affected players are expelled from activities, often multiple times in a row. The Guardians are forced to quickly surrender once they are trapped.

PC gamers in particular have suffered from the problem since they moved from Destiny 2 to Steam.

Here’s what the players are saying: Players have been reporting for months that they’ve been hit by the beaver’s mistake. Such angry messages abound on reddit and Steam:

Every. Pull apart. Times. I get in the game and it is called “Castor”, they take me out of the game world and take me to the ship. (…)

12 beaver bugs in 5 minutes.

Joy murdered through Steam

The problem may appear in all areas of Destiny. It’s really annoying when you get caught in the middle of recently updated raids or in a test round, you land in orbit after a black screen and then read that the beaver hit.

Beaver bug should finally be fixed on PC and Steam

Bungie reports: The Destiny developer announced that on July 16 the source of most of the beaver bugs could be found. An update followed on July 22, when it was read that the error had decreased dramatically.

UPDATE: On July 16, we identified a source of most of the BEAVER errors appearing on PC and mitigations appear to have significantly reduced errors since then. We are still investigating the root cause of the problem. Players in the central and eastern states were the most affected. 1/2

– Bungie Help (@BungieHelp) July 21, 2020

The error code has not completely disappeared from the world (Bungie via Twitter) and may occasionally appear. The unpleasant problem that caused the constant disconnections on the conveyor belt has been eliminated.

Hardware problem with the valve could be behind the problem

Wasn’t Bungie to blame? Forbes reports that the attentive players stumbled upon a strange coincidence. Because around the same time that the origin of the beaver error was announced, a Valve technician solved the problem that had been going on for months:

I have been debugging a problem with my P2P network system from time to time for several months. I just * knew * I had a software bug.

Today I finally found the problem:

Some of the relays were in poor health.


– Fletcher Dunn (@ZPostFacto) July 17, 2020

Interestingly, the Valve employee discovered that the problem was not the software but the hardware: a faulty relay was causing the problems. Valve is the massive engineering company behind the Steam sales platform.

It is not confirmed whether this is really the reason for Destiny’s Bieber plague or not. It is also a priority that the games are now as trouble free as possible.

It would be desirable if the hacking issue disappeared below: Destiny 2 has big problem with cheats: Twitch streamer is enough

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