Cloud leaves Final Fantasy VII to save the world from Mortal Shell with a mod: we see it on video

The hero of Midgar goes, along with his inseparable Mortal Sword, to star in the new souls-like.

The world of PC mods gives for imaginable events to occur. How else could we see Cloud Strife in a game like Mortal Shell? The protagonist of Final Fantasy VII takes center stage in Mortal Shell, the recent souls-like video game that has only been in stores for a month, through a modification created by a user.

The mod, created by the user Beyonders in Nexus Mods, allows us to see Cloud, one of the most beloved characters in the history of video games, in another facet. The hero of Midgar goes with his Mortal Sword to the dark scenes of Mortal Shell, a complicated task considering that it is one of those titles that carry difficulty as a flag. But the iconic character from the Final Fantasy saga also performs well in the proposal developed by Cold Symmetry.

The content takes care of aspects such as hair or posture in detail when picking up his mythical sword. Cloud is used to dealing with all kinds of creatures, but the action here is somewhat less dynamic than in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and is not accompanied by Hat, Tifa or Aeris to get the chestnuts out of the fire.

Mortal Shell, which will soon receive a physical version due to the interest it has aroused among the community of fans of the genre, has also recently starred in a speedrun. A user has been able to complete the game in 28 minutes to the amazement of its creators. You can know more about the game in our analysis.

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