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Call of Duty Warzone – How the Swag mode works

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Call of Duty Warzone - How the Swag mode works

Call of Duty Warzone – How the Swag mode works – Call of Duty Warzone is Activision’s new free to play game , launched on March 10 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Unlike previously assumed, the “game” – it is a new section of Modern Warfare, but is also downloadable as a standalone game from digital stores – was not launched only in Battle Royale mode, but also with an unprecedented mode called Malloppo , an absolute novelty for Call of Duty but which bears some resemblance to other multiplayer video games. Let’s see what it is all about.

First of all, a premise: Malloppo does not present the traditional loot system similar to Battle Royale , but allows you to choose before entering the game (or during the respawn) a class with which you will return . These classes are the traditional ones, therefore composed of two weapons, equipment and perk, and you can create them directly from the main game menu. In the case of players who already own Modern Warfare, on Warzone you will find your classes previously created for online multiplayer.

In Malloppo , the most important thing to consider is money. In this mode, it is possible to recover a huge amount of money compared to Battle Royale , both from the chests and from the in-game missions that require for example to eliminate a particular player or to conquer an area, and among the most important things to keep in mind there is a need to stay alive as long as possible. Not so much because your returns will be limited: unlike the Battle Royale, in fact, on Malloppo you can get the respawn continuously and without having to spend money at the buying stations, and this even if all members of the team were to go ashore.

This is because Malloppo’s goal is no longer to be the last team to remain standing , as happens in Battle Royale mode, but to be the team that has obtained the maximum amount of money collected during the entire game . On the screen, at the bottom left, you will have a bar that indicates the total money raised by the team up to 1 million dollars, which has two types of “progress”: if the bar is light green and flashing, it means that that precise sum of money is that kept by the whole team but not yet deposited; on the contrary, if the bar is green and not flashing, that level indicates the figure collected up to that moment by the team and already deposited.

And this is a detail not to be underestimated absolutely, because Malloppo plays precisely on this continuous tension of the players who can, at any time, lose a huge slice of their earnings if they are not deposited in the bank . In fact, if the player is eliminated, he even loses half of the money he brings, even if this does not reflect on the amount already accumulated in the bank. Let’s take a practical example, to make you understand better:

  1. The team collects $ 300,000 and deposits them in the bank: that money is blocked and will not decrease
  2. Player A then collects $ 10 thousand, player B 20 thousand and player C $ 100 thousand, which they bring with them: the non-flashing green bar is fixed on the 300 thousand dollars already deposited, while the flashing one now touches the 430 thousand dollars , the overall amount of the team’s money
  3. Player C is eliminated by an enemy, and loses half the money
  4. On respawn, player C now has only $ 50,000, and the flashing green bar then reaches $ 380,000

Of course, once back in life you can start hunting for money to increase the figure.

You will now wonder how to deposit this money in the bank to prevent the opposing teams from depriving you of it. There are two possibilities, both with pros and flaws. The first is to deposit the money through a special flask (similar to the Metal Gear Solid 5 FULTON recovery system), which you can find in the crates or buy at the trolley stations at a cost of 30k dollars, which allows a substantially instant recovery of the money . Once the ball is placed on the ground, you will have a few seconds to interact with it and deposit the money, which is then thrown into the air and sent to the bank. A great way to insure money without too much risk, but as said there is also a defect: the ball carries with it at most 150k dollars at a time.

This defect is overcome by the helicopter money recovery stations , scattered throughout the Verdansk map and recognizable by an icon in the shape of a piggy bank: in this case, you will recall a helicopter that will drop a bag, inside which you can enter all your money, regardless of the amount. The problem obviously arises from the greater scope that this event has: the collection points catalyze the attention of many teams , who can decide to wait for the right moment to eliminate the players who are depositing the money and steal the precious load. As said before, each method has its pros and cons.

Of course, the advice is to deposit the money as soon as possible , as the more money you will accumulate and carry on your shoulders, the greater the interest from the other teams : when you start having a large sum of money with you, you will automatically come reported as a team of great “importance” so to speak, so much that you deserve an icon visible on the map. At that point, the manhunt starts, as your money is particularly succulent for teams chasing cash!

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