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Call of Duty Mobile | Maps, modes and tricks to start multiplayer

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Call of Duty Mobile | Maps, modes and tricks to start multiplayer – Call of Duty Mobile it is available today on iOS and Android, and we started immediately to comb through all the modes, maps and secrets of this new mobile game of the famous Activision franchise.

We have decided to focus, for today, on describing how the traditional multiplayer sector works, while in the coming days we will also talk about Battle Royale. Incidentally, this mode is unlocked only after reaching the level 7 of the player (and not of the battle pass, which are two different things).

Call of Duty Mobile it contains some of the most classic modes and maps in the history of Call of Duty, and is built on a free to play structure with microtransactions which, however, at least from these first hours of impressions, do not seem to be as invasive as anyone might think.

Indeed, these seem to be limited to buying Premium Pass (through COD Points) which only grants aesthetic components for weapons, equipment and characters. To begin with, I list below the list of modes and maps available at launch, which will naturally increase in the future, and then leave you tips and tricks on how best to start your experience.

Multiplayer modes available:

  • Training against AI
  • First line
  • Team DM
  • Domain
  • Search and destroy

List of available maps:

  • Standoff (da Call of Duty: Black Ops II)
  • Killhouse (da Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)
  • Nuketown (da Call of Duty: Black Ops)
  • Raid (da Call of Duty: Black Ops II)
  • Crossfire (da Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)
  • Crash (da Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)
  • Hijacked (da Call of Duty: Black Ops II)
  • Firing Range (da Call of Duty: Black Ops)
  • Takeoff (from Call of Duty: Black Ops II, remake of a map of Black Ops called Stadium)


Remember to log in to Call of Duty Mobile daily, even just to unlock the prizes that will be given to you from time to time for login. For the first start today, for example, we received an EXP weapon card. If you log into COD Mobile tomorrow, you will be given a PDW submachine gun for free, while for day 3 there will be in egalo the M4LMG. In short, if you don’t feel like playing COD Mobile, it will be enough for you just log in and get your reward, and then close the app.


I advise you to consult frequently the Events section from the main game home, as you may lose sight of prizes that you have unconsciously won without redeeming them. In Events we find, at the time of writing this guide, several sections:

  • World in flames – Current global event, presumably will unlock some prizes upon reaching certain world goals
  • ID collection milestone event – Here we find some requests to be met, such as collecting a certain number of identification tags, which must then be redeemed to obtain EXP weapons cards
  • ID collection ranking
  • Weekly challenge – Section that will be updated weekly, here we find several challenges related to killings, particular kill and also to battle royale that grant various prizes including also valuable credits.


As already happened in other chapters of the franchise, Call of Duty Mobile also has a Battle Pass from which it is possible to obtain new prizes and rewards simply by playing and completing the tasks that are proposed to us. In addition to this pass, which is available to all players, the developers have also added two special passes that offer additional and better rewards in some cases:

  • Premium Pass: purchased at a cost of 800 COD Points, the pass grants more rewards as you progress through the levels, also unlocks the elite assignments and immediately offers some extra items, including COD Points
  • Premium Pass Plus: costs 2000 COD Points, and offers even more rewards

My advice is obviously to give up the purchase of the Premium Passunless you are particularly attached to the outward appearance of weapons and characters. Especially for the first hours of the game, continue to complete the tasks and challenges proposed in the Battle Pass section, advancing in the free pass. If you decide to purchase the premium in the future, be aware that you will fully unlock all the prizes up to the level reached at that time.


The first hours of gameplay on Call of Duty Mobile will help you to become familiar with the game mechanics and all the various components of the title, including battle pass, progression system, unlocking weapons and equipment, and so on.

After the short tutorial in the company of Ghost, you will test a short game on Nuketown against enemies controlled by the game AI, but to get used to the movement system and especially to understand which mode of fire suits you best. You can change the setting at any time from the menu, but here’s how they work and two fire modes:

  • Simple mode: when, with the sight aimed or even without aiming, you will target an enemy, the weapon will fire automatically as already happens in other mobile FPS
  • Advanced mode: the button to aim is added on the screen, and as soon as you aim you will start shooting automatically but obviously being able to rotate the view

The choice is quite subjective. For the first few games, I obviously recommend the simple mode, and then in the future try your hand at the advanced one and understand how to use it without wasting loads of precious shots.

As said, COD Mobile initially offers you little equipment, but playing a sufficient number of games you will begin to quickly climb the levels and unlock new contents to personalize the classes. In this regard, and again especially in the early hours of the game, check the class section often, because from game to game you will progressively unlock weapons, accessories, perks, skills like the Purifier, series of points and so on. Personalization, just as we expected, is truly extensive.

Once again, I remind you to often consult the sections of the challenges and events to unlock rewards, and above all one thing about the Premium Pass, normal and Plus: leave them alone, at least for now.

The first days of the game of Call of Duty Mobile must be used as a test, and not immediately as a game on which to spend your precious and hard-earned money. Perhaps, in the future, you will be able to treat yourself to luxury, but for the moment it is only further prizes related to the aesthetic customization of the weapons and the character, which have no influence on the gameplay. Which is also right, after all.

There is however a possible incentive in the purchase of the Premium Pass, and that is the consequent release of COD Points. By purchasing the special pass, it will also be possible to obtain other valuable credits and COD Points, to be reused in the future. But the choice is obviously yours.

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