Beyond Light shows what new stasis classes can do

A new preview of Destiny 2’s upcoming Beyond Light expansion shows for the first time how the new Stasis element will work. The brief preview shows excerpts from PvE and PvP.

This is in the trailer: Bungie has released a new trailer for Beyond Light, the upcoming expansion, as part of the Xbox Game Showcase. It shows a preview of what you can expect there.

Specifically, you can see what the new Stasis element looks like in action, in both PvP and PvE. Although the trailer only lasts a little over a minute, it shows quite well what the new classes will do:

The preview came along with the announcement that Destiny 2 on Xbox Series X will run in 4K at 60 FPS and enter the gamepass.

New in Destiny 2: finally a new item

What exactly does stasis do? Stasis seems to use effects that are generally associated with frost effects in other games. Thus, enemies can go into “stasis”, so to speak, freeze and then crush themselves with powerful attacks.

Furthermore, it is apparently possible with stasis to create structures and walls. Guardians use them in the trailer in different ways:

  • for example, to create pillars and platforms on walls with which the whole team can move safely through gorges
  • to give you a vertical boost and jump higher
  • or to block enemies and block your sight and a line of fire
  • Shields may even be possible in some way, but that could also be an animation for an attack

Help your teammates and build ice platforms.

The new element appears to be quite versatile and highly dependent on team play. Find out in our article what we already know about the new stasis subclasses.

Beyond Light will launch after a postponement on November 10, 2020. From there you can also play the new subclasses.

What is so exciting about it? Stasis is the first new item in Destiny and is actively using darkness for the first time in the game, as opposed to the light the Guardians have really dedicated themselves to.

Darkness is actually the item the enemy uses. It is an absolute novelty that Destiny classes can now access and use them.

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