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Apex Legends: we draw conclusions on the first season

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Apex Legends: we draw conclusions on the first season

In recent times the phenomenon of Battle Royale has exploded in an unpredictable way, so much so that it can be considered a genre in its own right. After the protagonists of this scenario became established and the rules that constitute its foundations were written, we could say with some certainty that we understood its mechanisms. And it is at this point that, practically from nothing, Apex Legends entered the scene, ready to break the mold and decided to get on the podium of the Battle Royale.

If there is one thing that we have all learned in recent years, it is that there are two factors that keep a title of this type alive: constant updates and a hypothetical Battle Pass that incentivizes players to reach certain goals. About three months after launch, Apex Legends he seems determined to stay on the right track, adequately covering both these two fronts and thus kicking off Season 1.

First of all Respawn offers a Battle Pass at a cost of 950 coins, around 10 euros. Between PUBG and Fortnite it is now clear that players like a pass of this type to be structured, in fact similarly to what happens with the option proposed by Epic Games, during the 100 classic levels (110 if we consider some bonus rewards) it is possible obtain the coins spent on the purchase, thus guaranteeing, subject to cost changes, also the Pass of the following season.

The battle pass of Apex Legends is in line with those offered by competing Battle Royale.

At each level of the Pass there is at least one reward and the variety certainly does not lack: we can in fact find skins for weapons and legends, phrases, banners, point bonuses, Apex packages and coins. Paradoxically, to undermine a good selection of prizes is the excessive diversity between these, making it frustrating to sometimes have to wait for different degrees to get some additions to equip our favorite legends, and being therefore forced to accept rewards for other characters.

The best prize of this first season is a skin for the Havoc, which differs from all the others present in the game because it is characterized by multiple “stages”. Based on the number of kills obtained during a game, in fact, the weapon will transform becoming more and more unique, for a maximum of two times.

A new legend has also been added with the first season: Octane. This character is characterized by an adrenaline-fueled personality, with a way of doing comparable to that of someone under constant effect of stimulants. Furthermore, its distinctive feature is certainly the lack of the lower limbs, replaced by robotic prostheses on which it moves with absolute fluidity.

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His trio of skills is interesting, which perfectly conveys Octane’s personality. The ability allows you to automatically and progressively recover health when you do not take damage for a few seconds, and this allows Octane to recover his life while he is looting without having to stop or waste syringes and medical kits; although, of course, it will take some time to heal completely.

Its basic ability, on the other hand, consumes 10% of its current health upon activation and provides a significant boost to movement speed. Considering the reloading time of just one second, in combination with the passive ability this allows the legend to move very quickly during the movements or in the phases of attack or disengagement, being able to use this enhancement continuously.

We conclude with the Ultimate: upon activation, Octane places a launch device in front of him, the same as those scattered around the map, which if used allows any player to make a significant jump. It is a very situational skill, which if well exploited allows you to create unexpected games, but which represents the weakest point of the “Octane package”.

The skin obtainable as the final prize of this first Battle Pass is for the Havoc.

Overall Respawn is adequately supporting its product and in the first months, in addition to several patches aimed at balancing the balance between the different weapons or legends, it has already added a new weapon, the Havoc, a new legend, Octane, and added structural changes to the game map, introducing launch devices. The hope of course is that the process of these innovations does not directly follow that of the seasons, simply adding equipment or characters with only the beginning of the Battle Pass.

This first season therefore began with the best of intentions but with an offer unable to fully satisfy. The updates, although more constant than PUBG, struggle to keep up with the rhythms of Fortnite and the real Achilles’ heel regarding the Battle Pass lies in the hero-based nature of the production: there are many rewards obtainable with the levels, but so diluted they are overall few; many turn out to be useless, being associated with characters we might not choose.

The intention to do better by Respawn is there, and the hope is that the next few weeks will be useful to perfect the shot, in anticipation of the following season.

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