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AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U Monitor – Review | Best Price

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AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U review

AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U Monitor (Full HD) – Review | Best Price – Finding an inexpensive but good gaming monitor is no easy task. Indeed, to fully immerse yourself in the game, I want to have accurate color reproduction with good viewing angles, without image delay. For a long time I compared what is on the market and the AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U monitors impressed me the most.

These are models with Full HD resolution (1920 * 1080 pixels), which are part of the G2 line. Her company AOC introduced in August at the annual Gamescom 2019 exhibition. Monitors AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U have the same characteristics and differ only in diagonal – 24 and 27 inches. In this post I will talk about their technical characteristics and share my impressions.

Appearance and design

Appearance and design of AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2

AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U have a daring game design that looks very stylish. Monitors have very thin frames, so the display seems even larger and creates the effect of immersion in the game world. And if you connect three such monitors, they will create a more complete image, further increasing the effect of presence.

The monitors have a rather impressive and stable V-shaped stand, with which you can adjust the height, angle or rotation of 90 °. In this case, you do not need to fix the monitor. The design is designed so that everything remains in the position you need.

AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U monitors rear view
AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U monitors rear view

The monitors AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U have a USB hub with four ports, which allows you to connect directly to peripheral devices (mouse, hard drive). Also, the monitors have standard video connectors (DisplayPort, HDMI) for connecting to a PC, as well as VGA input for older computers and headphone and microphone outputs. All connectors are located below the screen, and the control buttons are at the bottom right. The menu is fully translated into Russian, all game settings are in a separate section. The monitors have a built-in speaker system with a power of 2 watts, which provides a pretty good sound in games and when watching movies.

Video connectors, AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U monitors USB hub
Video connectors, AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U monitors USB hub


AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U monitors use IPS matrix. Due to the wide viewing angles (178 °), the image does not lose its clarity, and the colors do not distort when viewed from the side or from the bottom / top. Compared to other LCD matrices, IPS has good contrast and color quality indicators. AOC 24 G2U and AOC 27G2U have a color gamut coverage of 130% sRGB, 89% AdobeRGB, 92% DCI P3, which is very cool for a gaming monitor.

Response Time and Refresh Rate – 144Hz

AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2 have a response time of 1 ms

The main thing that distinguishes the AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U from all other budget monitors is the refresh rate of 144 Hz, a response time of 1 ms and AMD FreeSync technology. Let’s take a closer look at these characteristics.

The refresh rate is the number of frames displayed by the monitor per second. The higher this indicator, the more smoothly the games are displayed, since over the same period of time a larger number of frames are displayed on the screen. This is especially true for dynamic games, such as racing, first-person shooters, sports simulations. Therefore, all professional gamers are advised to buy monitors with a refresh rate of 144 Hz or even 240 Hz.

Response time is the time it takes for a monitor to switch from one color to another. For gaming monitors, the smallest response time is needed, since in dynamic shooters even a tenth of a second can decide the outcome of a battle. So 1 ms is an ideal option.

FreeSync is a technology developed by AMD. It helps to synchronize the screen refresh rate with the number of frames per second that the video card provides at a certain point in time. Thanks to FreeSync, twitching is minimized, picture breaks are completely eliminated, and the monitor displays the number of frames at the speed with which it is calculated by the video card. This helps to completely concentrate on high-end gaming without artifacts and jams. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that FreeSync only works with video cards based on AMD GPUs.

Price – AOC 24G2U and AOC 27G2U

The AOC 24G2U monitor costs $230.00, and the AOC 27G2U costs is under $450. Since the difference is small, I decided to take a larger diagonal. I bought a monitor in DNS, in which they are presented exclusively. For everyone, I attach the links:

AOC 24G2U monitor for Under $230.00 Over at Amazon


AOC 27G2U monitor for under $450.00 Over at Amazon


The monitor comes with a software disc, power cables, HDMI and DisplayPort. Monitors are very easy to assemble and ready to work in a couple of minutes.

Summarize. If you are looking for a good gaming monitor up to $450.00, then pay attention to the AOC 24G2U or AOC 27G2U. These monitors have good contrast and color reproduction, chic viewing angles inherent in IPS matrices, 144 Hz refresh rate, low response time of 1 ms and AMD FreeSync technology, which provides a clear picture without gaps and jams. So, the AOC 24G2U or AOC 27G2U monitors fully work out their cost, and I safely recommend them for purchase.

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