All the tips and tricks to win the Perfect Couples test

Fall Guys has become one of the most demanded games of the moment and in which fun is more than assured in each of its minigames. It is clear that the important thing is to have fun, but we all love to win in order to get more points and crowns to exchange for suits. That is why in this guide we are going to give you all the indications for win the Perfect Couples test.

All the tips and tricks to win the Perfect Couples test

The Perfect Couples minigame will appear in the game within the category “Survival” and you could say that it is the easiest test, but with immense difference, of all those that exist in the game because it is very likely that lose absolutely no one in it or almost no player. So, if you follow our advice, you should have no problem succeeding at this level.

In this case you will be located on a platform formed by a total of 16 casillas and several large screens on the sides. Each of the boxes will go showing a fruit as a countdown progresses. You must of memorize well where each one is because when the counter reaches zero is when a completely random fruit will be chosen from those that have been appearing on the ground, so you just have to place yourself above the corresponding box or else you will fall and be eliminated.

In total they are three rounds the ones to overcome and the difficulty is increasing more and more in each one of them. First you will get two different fruits, then four and the screen will end up showing you six different fruits. Perhaps the latter is the one that can cause you the most problems, so something you can do is trust the rest of the players and, if you see that a good number of them are placed in the same place, it is that there is the correct answer. Even so, it can happen that everyone trusts the same individual, he fails and everyone is eliminated, something that you will probably end up witnessing sometime.

Fall Guys Perfect Couples

In this sense it must be said that there are people who like to cheat and annoy and take the opportunity to change at the last second, just when there is no time to react to the other players. For that very the best thing is that in the end you depend on yourselves and exercise your photographic memory well, although if you have the help of a friend That he is playing with you, better than better, because that way you can agree to memorize or look at the fruits of the boxes together.

In the end you don’t need to memorize the entire board either, because with what you keep the position of one square for each fruit It is more than enough, so your thing is that you place yourself at an end that allows you to clearly visualize everything you have around you in order to locate the best place to which you should move when the chosen fruit appears on the screen. And don’t worry, if you have reflexes, it gives you plenty of time to go from one point to another, although the longer you take, the more players there will be in the same square in question, so it will be your turn deal with blows with them to make a hole for you.

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