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7 legends that could join Ultimate Team in FIFA 21

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7 leyendas que podrían unirse a Ultimate Team en FIFA 21

What icons might be new to FIFA 21? We take a closer look at the 7 legends we want to see in FIFA 21.

These are icons in FIFA 21: The icons in Ultimate Team are among the best cards ever. These are letters from former soccer players who have become true legends.

Drogba was one of the biggest new icons in FIFA 21

There are always four icon cards per legend that reflect different levels of your career. They are also extremely useful because they can connect to all players in Ultimate Team. No wonder they are extremely expensive early in the game and only get cheaper later on.

FIFA 20 already had a lot of very strong icons. Now let’s take a look at the future: who could be in FIFA 21?


That is why Xavi deserves an icon card in FIFA 21: Xavi has formed the midfield of FC Barcelona and the Spanish team for years. The center line shooter, as a brilliant pin, was instrumental in the success of the “Tiki-Taka” style of play.

The strongest Xavi card that ever existed in FIFA 12
Source: Futhead

In 2008 and 2012 he was the European Champion with Spain, in 2010 he won the World Cup. He celebrated three times victories in the Champions League and won the Spanish championship seven times. Bottom line: Xavi had a real career in picture books and an icon card in FIFA 21 would be more than deserved. The Spanish finished his career in May 2019: will he be revived in the virtual plaza?

Ferenc Puskás

That is why Puskás deserves an icon card in FIFA 21: The name Puskás passes through the world of football at least once a year, that is, every time the annual Puskás Prize is awarded for the most beautiful goal of the year.

It is not by chance that the price bears the name of Ferenc Puskás. It was a true one-man goal factory and scored 84 goals in 85 international matches for the Hungarian team. Incidentally, he was also the captain of “Golden Elf” in Hungary, who traveled to the World Cup as a favorite in 1954 and lived up to this status. Until the end, that story should become the “Miracle of Bern”.

Futren Reddit Wadelaw user Ferenc Puskas icon card concept already had an idea of ​​what an icon card could look like for Puskás

It would still be suitable as an icon in FIFA 21, and is also among the fans. In a fan vote on the “Fifauteam” page, which icons in FIFA 21 should be there, Puskás took first place. Directly followed by:

David Beckham

This is why Beckham deserves an icon card in FIFA 21: For David Beckham, the term “icon” may fit even better than for other soccer legends. In the course of his career, the Englishman not only became a great footballer, but also became a true world star.

This is what a special Beckham card looked like in FIFA 12. An icon card in FIFA 21 should be significantly stronger.
Source: Futhead

After starting at Manchster United, Beckham moved through the world of soccer, playing in Madrid, Los Angeles, Milan and Paris. Especially with his unrivaled free throws, he bewitched fans around the world.

Francesco Totti

That is why Totti deserves an icon card in FIFA 21: Francesco Totti is also one of a series of legends that fans have wanted to see in the game for a long time, but that is not yet available as an icon. Will this change in FIFA 21?

FIFA TottiThat’s how strong Totti’s special letter was at the end of his career

You would definitely deserve an icon card, as Totti has become a true legend in Italy. He spent his active career at AS Roma without interruption, wore the club’s jersey in 785 games and scored 307 goals. He never changed the club as a player, an absolute rarity in modern football.

The only other team he played for was the Italian national team. There he scored 9 goals in 59 games and became world champion at the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

John Terry

This is why Terry deserves an icon card in FIFA 21: If you look at the current line of icons, you can find some Chelsea FC legends in FIFA 20. Just last year Michael Essien and Didier Drogba were joined, Frank Lampard had previously received an icon card. Another player who shaped the “blues” game for a long time would not be surprised.

John Terry collected many special letters in his career. For example here in FIFA 15 TOTS
Source: Futbin

John Terry could be an option for icons in FIFA 21. The central defender led Chelsea to five championships and several cup victories as captain. He also won the Europa League and the Champions League, so his trophy cabinet is well packed. The last time it was playable in FIFA 18 on Ultimate Team. Will he return to FIFA 21?

Oliver Kahn

This is why Kahn deserves an icon card in FIFA 21: It cannot be denied that Oliver Kahn deserves an icon card. Fans have loved him as an icon in FIFA for years, goalkeeper Titan is considered one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. His national team colleague Lehmann has been there for a long time, so why is the Bayern legend still missing?

The problem: There’s not much hope for a Kahn card this year, either. The goalkeeper and EA Sports were in a legal dispute over Kahn’s personal rights in the early 2000s. This may possibly explain Kahn’s lack so far, but it can still be expected!

Incidentally, when Ultimate Team first introduced itself to FIFA 09, Kahn had already finished his career. Consequently, there is no classic card that we can show you.

Phillip Lahm

This is why Lahm deserves an icon card in FIFA 21: Lothar Matthäus, Miroslav Klose, Michael Ballack, Jens Lehmann – These are the four German icons that are currently represented in FIFA 20. There are many players who would be considered to expand this series. Players like Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller or the aforementioned Kahn quickly come to mind.

This is what Lahm’s strong card looked like at the end of his career in FIFA 17
Source: Futbin

If you look at the recent past, there are also some candidates. Philipp Lahm would be one: the 2014 world champion was one of the best right-backs in the world at FC Bayern for many years, later he also convinced in midfield. Lahm had many great moments in his career, such as 2006 when he scored the first goal of the 2006 World Cup and ushered in the “summer fairy tale”. He became world champion 8 years later, and would be more than worthy of an icon card in FIFA 21.

You could go on with this list; after all, there are many legends in world football. However, these talents are at the beginning of their careers, but they could also get good cards in FIFA 21.

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